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Manchester to begin curbside recycling Nov. 1


Curbside recycling will come to Manchester in November, following the Town Council's approval last night of a new 14-month contract with the town's trash hauler.

The contract with Hughes Trash Removal Inc. calls for weekly pickup of trash and recyclables at the doorsteps of the town's 975 households.

The approximately $44,000 price tag for the new contract represents an increase of more than $13,000 over the current agreement.

Town officials had budgeted as much as $20,000 for the added cost of recycling when they passed the 1993 budget in May.

Residents will have trash and recyclables picked up at the same time on Wednesdays under the agreement, which goes into effect Nov. 1. The first trash pickup under the contract is Nov. 4.

Residents will be able to place recyclable material at the curb in containers of their choice.

Each home will receive two nylon stickers to designate recyclables containers.

But the town will drop trash collection for businesses.

"Trash collection at businesses costs more than the taxes they pay to the town," said Councilman Geoffrey S. Black.

The town will continue to pick up business trash until the beginning of 1993.

After that, businesses will have to contract individually for private collection services.

Town residents aren't mandated to recycle, Mr. Black said, but the council is strongly urging them to do so.

The contract, however, makes it mandatory for Hughes to pick up recyclables.

Among the items it will collect are aluminum, tin and steel food cans; plastic milk, soda and detergent jugs; most types of glass containers; and newspapers and cardboard.

The number of bulk trash collections will drop from four to three per year under the new contract, with the price of each of those pickups jumping from $100 to $200.

The council unanimously approved the new contract, which expires Dec. 31, 1993.

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