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KGB says it knows of no contacts with Clinton


MOSCOW -- The KGB, Russia's secret police and espionage agency, knows of no contacts between its former Soviet agents and Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton when he visited here as a student 23 years ago.

The KGB said so yesterday in response to an inquiry from The Sun last week, when the implication was raised by Republicans that there was something subversive about Mr. Clinton's visit to Moscow at the height of the Vietnam War.

"In reply to your inquiry, the External Intelligence Service has no information on any contacts with the KGB of the U.S. presidential nominee Mr. Clinton relating to his trip to Moscow in 1969," the agency said yesterday.

The reply was faxed by Vladimir Karpov, who works in the press bureau of the KGB's External Affairs Service.

Asked whether the statement applied only to his department, Mr. Karpov said any other KGB department would give the same reply.

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