What is it? It's Pat! The man . . . uh, woman . . . er, person whose gender has been a source of mystery on "Saturday Night Live" for the past couple of seasons.

Maybe you can sort out the chromosomal confusion when the whiny, bespectacled and mop-headed Pat comes to Baltimore tomorrow for a series of appearances sponsored by WERQ 92.3 FM (92 Q).

"Pat" is cast member Julia Sweeney. Her slightly creepy Pat, whose trademark is a sort of bleating "eh-eh-eh-eh-eh," has even published an autobiography, "It's Pat! My Life Exposed" (Hyperion, $7.95).

While in town, Pat will help judge a Pat look-alike contest. Call 92 Q at 523-6900 for contest rules. Advance registration is limited.

Here's Pat's schedule:

* 7 a.m. tomorrow. Pat takes listeners' calls during 92 Q's Morning Posse show. The call-in number is (410) 481-1992.

* 9 p.m. Friday. He/she hosts the Pat look-alike contest at Key West in Perring Plaza. (Must be 21 to enter.)

* 11 a.m. Saturday. The look-alike contest moves to Golden Ring Mall.

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