Lionel model train display may accent Sykesville's past Firm gives $10,000 in equipment


CSX and Lionel trains could both be flying through Sykesville if the town where real trains already make daily runs can find a place for model trains, too.

Lionel Trains Inc. of Michigan has donated $10,000 in model trains and equipment for a display to the town.

"This town's origins are with the B&O; Railroad. It shapes the town," said Bruce Greenberg, senior manager of Greenberg Publishing, at last night's Town Council meeting. He asked for help in locating a site for the model trains display.

Town Manager Jim Schumacher said the project "fits in well with our historical railroad heritage."

Mr. Greenberg said construction of the model railroad could be a joint project of the Town Council and the Sykesville Business Association. Several residents already have volunteered to work on it, he said.

Mr. Greenberg said the project would need at least 500 square feet but ideally should have about 1,000 square feet.

"I applaud this idea," said Councilman Jonathan Herman, who envisions a display in a roundhouse with windowed walls. He suggested renovating a town-owned building on Oklahoma Road.

Mr. Schumacher said the Parrot Building near the Town House also might be available. Bill Keeney, architect for the police station, has offered to donate his time to design the project, Mr. Schumacher said.

"We can build this in modules now, while we have enthusiasm," said Mr. Greenberg, who asked for about $2,000 to start.

The council decided to defer action until its Oct. 26 meeting, when Mr. Schumacher will report on available sites.

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