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Rousing revivalI was terribly elated and exhilarated...


Rousing revival

I was terribly elated and exhilarated to observe the front-page coverage that you provided the "citywide revival crusade at Camden Yards ballpark."

Your reporter, James Bock, did a superb job in capturing the flavor, spirit and content of the citywide revival crusade. The accompanying photographs were graphic, illustrative, poignant and inspirational.

The Rev. Drs. Harold A. Carter of New Shiloh Baptist Church and Frank M. Reid III of Bethel A.M.E. Church are to be commended for their superior leadership, sagacity and wondrous enthusiasm and leadership that they brought to this historic event.

Dr. Carter and Dr. Reid, in the midst of a lugubrious, troubling and dispiriting state in Baltimore's black community of over 450,000 persons, gave a marvelous and enduring testimony of hope, determination and belief in better tomorrows through a boundless faith in God.

Finally, the faithful who flocked to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, to be sure, represented the proverbial "salt of the earth" of the majority black community of Baltimore and our nation.

The citywide revival crusade conveyed a message which is well known throughout the Baltimore community, as expressed in song: "The storm is passing over, the storm is passing over. Hallelujah!"

Kudos to Dr. Carter and Dr. Reid for daring to witness, in season and out of season, for the dispossessed, the excluded and the disenchanted in the Baltimore metropolitan community. They have given new meaning to the powerful, spiritual admonition: "To whom much is given, much is required."

Samuel L. Banks


Bush deserves 4 more years in Oval Office

President George Bush deserves to be re-elected because of his solid achievements over the past 3 1/2 years.

On the foreign policy front, he has destroyed Iraq's military potential, restored democracy to Panama and, most importantly, worked to preserve international law and order in the wake of the Soviet Union's disintegration. Nuclear weapons have been destroyed and many of our troops in Germany have finally come home.

Domestically, President Bush has kept inflation and interest rates low, nominated two solid advocates of judicial restraint to the Supreme Court, David Souter and Clarence Thomas, and vetoed irresponsible legislation that would have further harmed the economy.

Though he raised taxes once, he, unlike Governor Clinton, has realized that tax increases do not balance budgets. He has also proposed innovative legislation, from school choice programs to mandatory lids on program budgets to fight the deficit.

Unfortunately, most of Bush's proposed legislation has been derailed by the Democratic Congress. It is more than slightly hypocritical of the Democrats to claim that Bush has "done nothing" while they themselves have been the ones blunting his proposals.

President Bush has the ideas and the experience needed to get our country moving again. But he can't do it alone. He also needs a Republican Congress.

The voters in Maryland can help by not only re-electing President Bush, but by also sending Alan Keyes to the Senate and returning Wayne Gilchrest to the House of Representatives.

Kevin Berry


Ross and Jesse

I agree with Jack Germond and Jules Witcover, in their column Oct. 3, that Ross Perot breaks all records for deceit and contempt, and I would like to add some points.

In two campaigns for president, the Rev. Jesse Jackson was ignored and often ridiculed by the media (including The Sun) as a "radical" or too "left-wing." He was certainly not treated seriously, even though the programs and agenda he outlined were far more in mainstream working class American ideology (the majority) than the Reagan-Bush Wall Street gang (the minority).

Mr. Jackson's mistake was in thinking he could be married to the Democratic Party, rather than forming an independent movement. In some ways he traduced the Rainbow Coalition, not realizing that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party were in many ways like Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Representatives Beverly Byron and Helen Bentley (the Tories of the West and North) vote like Newt Gingrich.

However, Mr. Jackson, unlike the mediocre billionaire from Texas, had agendas, programs and plans on how to correct the many ills that beset our nation. Yet Mr Jackson was never able to debate even a vice-presidential candidate. Few would deny that Mr. Jackson would eat Dan Quayle for breakfast in a one-to-one debate.

And if Mr. Jackson would ever debate the oafish Perot, I have no doubt that Perot would start swinging.

All that was and is being given to Ross Perot by our media and our politicians was denied to Jesse Jackson.

One last point: Mr. Jackson was the one mostly responsible for the Democrats' winning back the Senate in 1986. I predict Mr. Perot will go down in history as an insignificant clown (albeit a very rich clown) who tried to buy the presidency in 1992, and made not a dent.

Gerald Ben Shargel


Tax-and-spend Clinton will wreck the country

For the past 10 months I have listened to Gov. Bill Clinton talk about the wonderful programs he's going to introduce if elected. If this guy doesn't scare you, you're not paying attention.

What Governor Clinton has perfected is the ability to speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

The ticket of Governor Clinton and Sen. Al Gore isn't a moderate team, however much they pretend to be.

This whole election is about the economy. Integrity is not important because Governor Clinton has none.

The catastrophe of "Slick Willie" calling for $150 billion in new taxes is incredible. He says he will only tax the rich. Sure he will! The total increase in revenues by taxing the rich amounts to about $28 billion. Where will the remaining $122 billion come from?

Look in any mirror -- the face staring back at you is the person who'll be paying the difference.

Politicians who talk about taxing the rich never aim straight. They always shoot the middle class right in the wallet.

Governor Clinton proposes to spend $200 billion on new federal programs to create jobs. Where? In private industry or in government? Are we just substituting bureaucracy for democracy?

If people out there think they are undertaxed and would like to see their taxes increased, they should send all their extra dollars to the tax collector, but leave me alone. I'm taxed to the point I can't afford to pour any more of my money into government-sponsored rat holes.

There is an old adage that says people who don't learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Remember the last time a Southern governor was elected president? He nearly wrecked the country. This guy, if elected, could finish the job.

William D. White


Changing grades

Stuart D. Berger, the new superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools, is quoted as saying that he feels that the present grading system demoralizes students in the lower grades.

Perhaps the outspoken superintendent is correct in this area of pedagogical endeavor. Although not new, the non-grading concept is innovative for Baltimore County. He should be commended for this.

However, as a veteran educator in the classroom, I hope that before changes are made in grading in the middle school and high school, much thought will be given to the change.

As your editorial makes clear, grades are needed for evaluative purposes in both the middle school and high school.

We must remember that change for the sake of change is not always good.

ohn A. Micklos


Don't boo, moo!

People blamed it on the streak, they blamed it on dragging contract talks, they blamed it on his eyesight, they blamed it on possible injuries and now we find out that Cal Ripken's problems could be because of that darn milk. Holy cow!

Joseph C. Matassa


Birds telethon

What a thrilling season it was for the Orioles, with new faces, a new yard and a real chance for the pennant! The memory of games past will have to sustain us until spring training '93.

As an avid Oriole fan, I'd like to do something to show my appreciation. I propose an idea to rekindle memories in the cold off-season.

Why not hold a telethon involving the Orioles to raise money for local charities: the Johns Hopkins Kids' Campaign, the Red Cross or the WBAL Kids' Campaign?

The O's provided countless hours of entertainment for me and for a million fans like me. We'd like to show our appreciation.

Thomas Carroll


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