Glenelg man sues McDonald's, claiming burger damaged tooth


A Glenelg man has sued McDonald's Corp. for $25,000 in damages, alleging he fractured a tooth when he bit into a hamburger at a McDonald's restaurant three years ago.

Roger A. D'Andrea claims that the sandwich contained a "foreign object" that damaged his tooth at a McDonald's in the 8600 block of Guildford Road in Columbia on Oct. 6, 1989.

The suit, filed in Howard Circuit Court on Oct. 5, lists as defendants the McDonald's Corp., of Oakbrook, Ill., and Christopher B. Shead, who operates the Columbia restaurant. Mr. Shead declined to comment, saying he has not been served with the suit, but he expects the insurance company that represents McDonald's Corp. to handle the matter.

Mr. D'Andrea, of Rover Mill Road, contends that the corporation and Mr. Shead were negligent because they failed to provide food "free of foreign substances which would cause him physical harm." The suit does not describe the object that damaged Mr. D'Andrea's tooth.

However, the plaintiff states in the suit that the object damaged the lingual cusps and fractured the axial wall surrounding the tooth. The suit does not say how much the dental work cost.

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