County Lane team goes on 1,252 single-game roll


The County Lane five-member team, captained by Doug Burkholder, may have posted the best single-game team record in the history of Carroll County, with a pinfall of 1,252.

The Greater Baltimore Bowling Association doesn't break scores into individual county records.

"I've never heard of a higher single-game total," Jim Weaver, manager of County Lanes, said. "We asking the Interstate Travel League to try and find out if it's a league record."

Any time five bowlers average 250 while bowling together you can start thinking "record."

"It's a house record at County Lanes," Weaver said. "That's for sure."

The five team members are:

L * Rich Humbert, a 186 average bowler, who posted a 278 game.

* Wayne Jackson, 193 average, shot a 246.

* Craig Mauman, the youngest bowler on the team at 19, averages 180-plus, had a 751 series while firing a 267 game.

* Tracy Greene, 192 average, had a 257 game.

* Doug Burkholder, 195 average, posted a 204 game in the anchor position.

Burkholder gave a lot of the credit for the outstanding game to County Lanes, "There's a good lane condition at the center and there'll be more high games posted this year."

Duckpin heights

Duckpin bowler Lee Waltz is posting some high games of his own.

Waltz lives in Westminster and bowls in the Wednesday Triples at Mount Airy Lanes and the Monday Men's Triples Thunderhead Westminster. A 148-average bowler, he has been bowling since he was a teen-ager and has a high game of 235 and a high set of 586.

For the first four weks of the winter season, Waltz is burning uthe lanes at Thunderhead. The first week he had 483, the second week 459, third week 540, fourth week 514. That's a 166 average.

In the 540 series he had a 190 and a 204 game. Last week he capped the series with another 204 game.

"I'm not doing anything different," Waltz said, "Except I'm trying to concentrate more. I'm still using the same pink bowling balls that everyone kids me about but I won't give 'em up. I bought those 3-pound, 12-ounce Manhatten balls for $10 about 20 years ago and they work just fine."

Hot September

September saw a lot of good scores posted in the county:

* George Condon had games of 257, 237 and 198 for a 692 series in the Monday Commercial League at Thunderhead Westminster.

* Dave Noyes fired a 516 duckpin series at Thunderhead.

* Bob Miller posted a 515 series at Mount Airy duckpin lanes.

Hampstead youth leagues roll

The youth bowlers at Hampstead Bowling Center started their league and immediately began putting up some awesome numbers. Close to 60 bowlers are in the tenpin division and almost 90 duckpinners bowl on Saturday.

Mike McKenzie posted the high tenpin score for the boys at 209, and Tammy Fisher led the girls with a 181 game.

On the afternoon duckpin shift: Stepher Porter, Pee Wee Division, had a 179 game ; Beth Mahla, Bantam bowler, had a 88 game, and Roy Brummett, Prep bowler, had a 102.

The morning duckpin shift took care of business with Becky Hardkte in the Pee Wees throwing a 94 game; Bantam bowler Tammy Behegan had a 93; Daniel Burden, Prep Division, shot a 103, and John Behegan, Major division, fired a 129.

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