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A story in the Carroll County section...


A story in the Carroll County section Sunday should have said that the old-fashioned rose garden at the Farm Museum was started by the museum's volunteers.

JAYNE DATTILIO of Westminster has been in charge of the flower beds at the Carroll County Farm Museum for the past 10 years. Each week during the months the museum is open she spends two or three days working in the gardens, designing, planting and maintaining them.

She sells tickets during museum events, and when extra help is needed she answers the telephones. She also is a member of the museum's board of governors.

Organization's comments: "Jayne is an all-around great volunteer and an all-around great person," says Dottie Freeman, administrative marketing specialist at the farm museum. "In addition to the flower beds, she helps with special events and decorates the tables with flowers. Whatever we need her to do, she's on call."

Volunteer's comments: "I don't know of any flower we don't have here. And everywhere you see a flower, I've got something to do with it. I've always had an interest in gardening ever since I was a tiny kid. When I was retired a year, a friend asked me to attend the garden committee meeting here. They asked me to take over the garden, and I agreed to give it a whirl.

"People are always making comments and asking questions. It makes you feel good to have the answer."

Background: Mrs. Dattilio grew up in Taylorville, which she says was then a "one-horse town." She is married to Dominic Dattilio, who was with the Maryland State Police for 25 years and now is traffic control supervisor for the county road department. They live in Westminster and have two daughters, Karen Dattilio and Carla Sullivan. Mrs. Sullivan just gave birth to their first grandchild, a daughter named Rosa.

Mrs. Dattilio worked for the state of Maryland for 35 years before retiring in 1981.

She calls herself a self-taught gardener. When she came to the farm museum there were very few flowers. She is responsible for adding the old-fashioned rose garden, the herb garden and many of the annuals and perennials in beds throughout the grounds.

In addition to her work at the museum, Mrs. Dattilio volunteers through St. John's Catholic Church. She also visits and runs errands for a 90-year-old resident of Fairhaven.

Nominations: To nominate a volunteer, call Linda Lowe Morris at 751-7943 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Nominations may be faxed to the office at 751-7916.

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