THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

From The Sun Oct. 11-17, 1842Oct. 11:...


From The Sun Oct. 11-17, 1842

Oct. 11: We are glad to learn that the late frosts have not done much injury in this vicinity. We observed a day or two since, in the beautiful garden attached to the hotel at Govanstown, a great variety of flowers of equal brilliancy with those we saw during the summer months.

Oct. 12: Two persons were brought on the night of the 10th from different districts, each of them charged with stealing tubs -- Nicholas and Margaret Jones. What disposition will be made of them we cannot say.

From The Sun Oct. 11-17, 1892

Oct. 11: The round-house of the Baltimore and Lehigh Railroad Co., on the Falls Road, north of the passenger station, caught fire at 7:30 o'clock last night and was consumed. A locomotive, which was in the house for repairs, a stationary steam engine and a lot of valuable machinery were ruined.

Oct. 12: The most pleasant event of the season at Mount Washington was Monday evening's dance at the Casino,

tendered by the young ladies to their friends.

From The Sun Oct. 11-17, 1942

Oct. 11: Somewhere in England -- An American military force, including a few troops from Maryland and many from Virginia and Pennsylvania, has moved into brick barracks of a British army post after a safe, smooth Atlantic crossing.

Oct. 12: The Philadelphia La Scala Opera Company, an organization which has been giving regular performances at the Philadelphia Academy of Music since 1923, will make its Baltimore debut this year with a schedule of four operas.

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