Council vetoes credit card use to pay bills


Harford residents will not be allowed to pay their property taxes, water or sewer bills with a credit card.

The County Council voted 6-0 last Tuesday to reject a resolution that would have allowed the credit card payments, saying it didn't want Harford "to get into the credit card business."

Some council members also said they were concerned that the bank would get the payments before the county did, delaying the county's receipt of payment.

Such payments are allowed under a new state law sponsored by state Sen. William H. Amoss, D-Harford, and Sen. Walter M. Baker, D-Cecil County, but on the condition that the jurisdiction passes specific legislation.

James M. Jewell, Harford County treasurer, said some county residents had asked to pay water and sewer bills by credit card to avoid having service shut off if a large payment was due.

County Councilwoman Susan B. Heselton, R-District A, was on vacation and did not attend Tuesday's meeting.

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