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Rehrmann wants her own budget advisory panel


In an effort to bring stability to the budgeting process, County Executive Eileen M. Rehrmann wants to establish her own budget advisory committee, and she's seeking the County Council's endorsement of such a panel.

Called a Spending Advisory Committee, the seven-member, *T executive-appointed panel would study the county's operating budget, make recommendations on how much debt should be incurred or paid off, and suggest how much money should remain unspent in Harford's coffers.

The panel would be required to submit its written recommendations by Dec. 12; Mrs. Rehrmann is required by County Charter to send her budget to the council April 1.

"We want this to be a permanent part of our budget process. We don't just want to take their advice in hard times," said Larry Klimovitz, director of administration.

"The council already has its own seven-member budget advisory committee. This new committee would have input at the very beginning of the budget process. With all the uncertainty and the changing economy, it's important [that] this be an ongoing advisory committee."

Although the committee is being created by executive order, Mrs. Rehrmann is seeking the council's endorsement. The council is expected to discuss the executive order Tuesday night.

Mrs. Rehrmann has complained recently that last minute cuts in the state budget have made it difficult for jurisdictions to make reasonable financial plans.

She already has proposed one change in the budget-drafting process with an announcement in September that she would conduct a public hearing before she prepares the budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 1993.

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