Around the houseCheck vacuum cleaner bags often....


Around the house

Check vacuum cleaner bags often. Replace disposable bags regularly and make sure cloth bags are emptied routinely to run appliance efficiently. If dirt scatters from the machine, check the beater bar and belt for possible malfunction.

* Deodorize clothing that smells like cigarette smoke. Hang suits and dresses on hangers and suspend a sheet of laundry softener (the kind that is dispensed from a roll) from each hanger hook. Cover garments with a plastic bag and let hang overnight to remove odors.

* Remove deodorant spots from clothing. Soak stains in white vinegar; launder garment as usual.

* Freshen bed. When changing bed linens, spray light cologne on mattress and pillows before putting on clean sheets and pillowcases.

* Remove dirt from grout on kitchen counter top. Moisten a clean, dry sponge or cloth with a dab of hydrogen peroxide and rub away grime.

* Store evening wear carefully. Wrap beaded and metallic fabrics in tissue to prevent tarnish.

In the garden

* Mark bulb plantings with plant labels. This will prevent accidental digging into bulbs while they are dormant. Place chicken wire over the bed to keep squirrels from digging up bulbs.

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