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Watch takes a licking, but it keeps on ticking

One of the things Rodney Stambaugh thought he lost when a grain silo toppled on his New Windsor farm Tuesday was a wristwatch that had belonged to his father.

But Mr. Stambaugh found the watch mixed in with the approximately 1,400 tons of corn stored in the 80-foot-high silo, and the timepiece apparently was none the worse after the experience. Mr. Stambaugh received the watch after his father died four years ago.

Mr. Stambaugh, 30, likely will loose some of the grain to spoilage. And aside from loosing a $30,000 silo, he left with a damaged tractor (worth about $10,000) and blower used to fill the silo (valued at about $2,000).

No one was injured in the accident on the 100-acre farm on Clear Ridge Road north of New Windsor. Mr. Stambaugh said he noticed a few minutes before the crash that the silo was leaning a bit. While he and his wife, Melanie, were discussing what to do, it fell over.

About 50 friends and neighbors were busy Wednesday separating concrete and steel from the silage and salvaging what they could.

If it had tipped the other way, the silo could have crushed cattle, a barn or other buildings.

Instead, it fell into a bare cornfield.

"It could have been a lot worse," Mr. Stambaugh said.

Union Bridge Marine gets medal for conduct

Marine Sgt. James G. Hill, son of Sara J. and James G. Hill Sr. of Union Bridge, was recently awarded the Good Conduct Medal.

He is a 1980 graduate of Francis Scott Key High School in Uniontown and joined the Marines in 1980. He is currently assigned with the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, Marine Air Corps Air Station, Kaneone Bay, Hawaii.

The Good Conduct Medal recognizes the service member's honest and faithful service during a three-year period.

To earn it, Sergeant Hill achieved and maintained a satisfactory level of performance and an unblemished conduct record for the entire period of his military enlistment.

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