Update due on longer runway


Residents curious about how a runway expansion at Carroll County Regional Airport may affect their sleep patterns will have a chance to find out next month.

Neighbors requested a public meeting with county officials to hear the latest about the plans, according to county Department General Services Director J. Michael Evans.

A date has not been set, but the meeting probably will be in early November, he said yesterday. Officials want to finish drawing the latest plans on an aerial photograph before the meeting, he said.

Michael K. Billingslea, who lives in Kalten Acres, a subdivision off Route 97 just north of the airport, said he and his wife, Beverly, want to know how many planes will fly out of the airport daily, what times they will fly and what the noise level will be.

Mr. Billingslea said he has been "overwhelmed" by noise from corporate jets that use the airport now.

The noise was so loud one day that he couldn't hear the conversation at his table during lunch, he said.

Mr. Billingslea was eating at Bullock's Airport Inn, which is in the Air Business Park adjacent to the airport.

The county plans to build a new 5,100-foot runway at the airport as part of the first phase of an expansion project scheduled to be complete in 1994.

Officials recently acknowledged that they shifted the proposed new runway, which will be an extension of the existing 3,230-foot runway, 650 feet northwest of the planned location because of changes in Federal Aviation Administration design requirements.

The first phase of the project also includes the relocation oMeadow Branch Road.

The second phase, scheduled to be finished in 1996, includeground support facilities, public or private corporate hangars -- or both -- and an air taxi service.

The total cost of the project is $17 million.

The FAA pays 90 percent of the cost, and the state and countcontribute 5 percent each.

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