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Scorecard on the 102nd Congress


Here are some major accomplishments of the 102nd Congress:

* CIVIL RIGHTS: Made it easier for minorities and women to win discrimination suits against employers, and established punitive damages for intentional discrimination based on sex, age or disability.

* CABLE TELEVISION: Re-regulated cable TV rates and services.

* HIGHER EDUCATION: Expanded eligibility for government grants and loans to students from middle-income families.

* DEFENSE TRANSITION: Began rechanneling some money devoted to defense to help retrain hundreds of thousands of military and defense plant workers losing their jobs with the end of the Cold War.

* JOBLESS BENEFITS: Twice extended emergency unemployment benefits for people losing their jobs because of the recession.

* TRANSPORTATION: Authorized $155 billion over five years to upgrade highways, mass transit systems and bridges.

* NUCLEAR ARMS: Ratified the first treaty actually reducing the number of U.S. and formerly Soviet strategic nuclear weapons. Also ordered a moratorium on and eventual end to atomic weapon testing.

* FOREIGN POLICY: Approved a $417 million aid package for Russia and other former Soviet republics.

STILL PENDING: * ENERGY: Senate was scheduled to act today on a House-passed bill to revamp energy policy with new focus on conservation and making it easier to build nuclear plants. President Bush is expected to sign it.

* TAXES: The Senate also was expected to act today on a $27 billion bill that would expand Individual Retirement Accounts; end luxury taxes on expensive yachts, furs, jewels and planes; relax rules designed to stimulate real estate sales; and create inner-city "enterprise zones." Mr. Bush is expected to veto it.

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