GRANTED, YOU CAN'T feel too sorry for...


GRANTED, YOU CAN'T feel too sorry for a guy making $30 million, but Cal Ripken Jr. has his own problems.

First comes a headline-making report from the director of the Johns Hopkins Children's Center and child care expert Dr. Benjamin Spock that cow's milk -- the drink Mr. Ripken endorses as dairy industry spokesman -- can lead to juvenile diabetes and digestive problems in youngsters.

Days later, Esskay meats, another product heavily represented by the Orioles' star shortstop in local advertisements, announced the closure of its East Baltimore processing plant after 70 years there because of dangerous structural problems.

We, and Mr. Ripken, can only hope that Koons is selling cars.

* * *

FOLHA de Sao Paulo, a Brazilian newspaper, had the following comment on the recent impeachment of the country's president, Fernando Collor de Mello:

"Brazilian society, relieved, witnessed an eloquent confirmation of its institutional maturity. Under the attention and the vigilance of an entire country . . . the Chamber of Deputies recovered the very reason for its existence -- to express the will of the people.

"Most importantly, the vote of 441 deputies contributed to restore the dignity of Congress. The legislature acted in consonance with the clear manifestation of society in favor of minimum standards of probity and decorum in the public realm. If these standards weren't always respected during Brazil's history, the Collor government labored to violate them in a form never seen before."

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