Stony Beach developer hasn't given up on marina PASADENA


The developer of the Stony Beach community will continue its fight to build a 120-slip marina at the mouth of Stony Creek when the county Board of Appeals reconvenes in November to consider its permit application.

Sterling Homes Inc. of Baltimore asked the appeals board Thursday night for a building permit. The appeals board will continue to hear testimony for, and against, issuing the permit at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 9 and Nov. 23 in the Arundel Center in Annapolis.

During Thursday night's three-hour hearing, the developer set out to prove the county Office of Planning and Zoning was wrong when it denied the permit July 13.

The developer already has received permits from the Army Corps of Engineers, the state Department of Natural Resources and the state Board of Public Works to build an entrance road over a tidal wetland and install bulkheads along the creek banks.

Those permits require the developer to replace that wetland by planting nearly 25,000 square feet of smooth cordgrass in a cove off Cox Creek now vegetated with less desirable Phragmites reeds. It must also install a dockside sewage pump-out station.

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