Gibbs says he'll stick with Rypien


TEMPE, Ariz. -- Coach Joe Gibbs didn't want to deal with The Question yesterday.

Near the end of his news conference after yesterday's 27-24 loss to the Phoenix Cardinals, he was asked, "Is he [Mark Rypien] your quarterback for the rest of the year, regardless?"

Gibbs paused for about eight seconds, started to get down from the podium and said: "He went to a Super Bowl. I would think I'd want to stay with him."

As Gibbs entered the locker room, he stopped in front of the coach's room and said to a reporter:

"That's a ridiculous question, a ridiculous question. Regardless of what happens. Say he died of a heart attack. Then somebody else will be in there. That's a ridiculous question."

When he was told, "They're going to be asking it in Washington," Gibbs replied: "You can ask anything you want. I'll answer it. I just said I'm staying with him."

Rypien, meanwhile, acknowledged how frustrated he felt after throwing two passes that Robert Massey intercepted and ran back for touchdowns.

"This day and this moment, I'm not feeling too good about this, about the way I played. By Tuesday, Wednesday, I'll kick myself out of it and get going. It's a long season," Rypien said.

Defensive lineman Charles Mann said the Redskins weren't going to blame Rypien.

"You can't blame him. There's 47 guys on this team getting paid to play football and win games. This was one of the sharper games he's played [at the start]. He looked really sharp, hit the long ball to Gary [Clark], was moving around [well]," Mann said.

Laced excuse

Kicker Chip Lohmiller, who missed a 40-yard field-goal try that would have sent the game into overtime, told holder Jeff Rutledge that the laces weren't turned completely around when he kicked it.

"I had to spin it a little bit. If they weren't [totally forward] I'll take the blame for it," Rutledge said.

"A thousand times I've held balls, wherever the laces are, you kick them. It's unfortunate. But I've got to get my job done. To be honest with you, I can't tell you exactly where they were. If they weren't exactly where they were supposed to be, that's my part."

But when Lohmiller heard the laces were being discussed, he publicly took all the blame.

"The snap was there, the hold was there. I missed the kick. That's my job," Lohmiller said.

Flight of Phoenix

In the Phoenix locker room, you would have thought they had just won the Super Bowl.

Coach Joe Bugel, a former Redskins assistant coach who won a pair of Super Bowl rings with the Redskins, said it was bigger than a Super Bowl.

A former Redskins player, Mark May, gave Bugel the game ball.

"It was very emotional," May said. "I was the guy choking back the tears. I said it's a big victory for this team, the organization and these players. For me, it's a huge win and for Joe Bugel, it's the biggest."

Injury report

Two players, guard Ray Brown (sprained knee) and cornerback A. J. Johnson (dislocated finger), suffered injuries that will sideline them.

Brown will probably be put on injured reserve. Johnson will miss the Monday night game against the Denver Broncos.

Brown, who sprained his knee, was playing left guard because Raleigh McKenzie moved to center when Jeff Bostic (sprained shoulder) was injured. After Brown went out, Joe Jacoby moved to left guard and Ed Simmons came in to play right tackle.

Johnson suffered a compound dislocation of the middle finger on his left hand. Johnny Thomas and Alvoid Mays played in place of him on the corner.

The Redskins were worried about losing Johnson because he was filling in for Darrell Green, who's out with a broken forearm.

Middle linebacker Kurt Gouveia was forced to come out with a sprained ankle, but he hopes to be back next week.

The Redskins also put wide receiver Stephen Hobbs, who has a knee injury, on injured reserve.

He'll have to sit out at least four weeks.

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