Capital requests submitted to county Departments ask for $44.7 million

Requests for capital budget projects are up 89 percent for the coming fiscal year compared to what the county spent this year.

But it's unlikely the county will have enough money to fund all the projects.


County departments and other agencies have requested $44.7 million for fiscal 1994, which begins next July 1.

In fiscal 1993, the county commissioners approved $23.6 million for capital projects.


Last Wednesday through Friday, the county Planning Commission heard details about the requests from department heads and other officials.

The commission reviews all budget requests and makes recommendations to the county commissioners.

Planning Director Edmund R. Cueman said less county money will be available for capital projects in fiscal 1994. The county learned recently that it must pare about $5 million from its $119.3 million budget as a result of the latest round of state budget cuts.

About half of the amount of local money that was allocated this year for capital projects probably will be available in fiscal 1994, Mr. Cueman said.

The largest increase in requested funds -- 310 percent -- was for solid waste projects.

The Department of Public Works requested some $2.5 million for a surface and ground water assessment plan and remedial action for the John Owings landfill, which has been closed for some time.

Solid waste requests totaled $3.5 million for fiscal 1994, compared to $860,000 in fiscal 1993.

On Friday, the Planning Commission heard requests for the following projects:


* Bridges. The requested amount increased 130 percent, from $387,000 in fiscal 1993 to $890,000 in fiscal 1994.

Proposed projects include $400,000 for a Babylon Road box culvert, $250,000 for bridge evaluation and scour analysis, and $100,000 for cleaning and painting existing structural steel.

* Roads. The total requested in creased about 35 percent, from the $4.1 million allocated in fiscal 1993 to $5.6 million requested for fiscal 1994.

* Utilities. The total requested increased 10 percent, from $1.2 million in fiscal 1993 to $1.3 million in fiscal 1994.

* Conservation and open space. The total requested increased 68 percent, from $1.6 million in fiscal 1993 to $2.6 million in fiscal 1994.

This category includes water resources projects, reservoir land acquisition and farm land preservation.


Earlier in the week, the commission heard requests from the Board of Education, the court system, general government agencies, and culture and recreation departments.

The commission must pare the requests and recommend to the county commissioners by Dec. 11 which projects should be funded.