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Back home in one piece An Irish...


Back home in one piece An Irish scholar has found a manuscript written by James Joyce in 1923 and abandoned by him a year later, a British newspaper reported yesterday.

Danis Rose stumbled on the neglected texts of seven short stories as he worked the Irish author's papers in the course of research for a critical edition of "Finnegans Wake," Joyce's most complex work, the Guardian said.

"It's very, very exciting," Mr. Rose said. "It is the most significant textual find of this century. It alters for ever our current model of Joyce. We must reconsider what Joyce achieved, everything has to be seen in a different context."

In contrast to "Ulysses" and "Finnegans Wake," the new stories are clear in style. "It's lucid," said Mr. Rose. "That's very unusual."

The stories are to be published next March, the Guardian said.

Court rules for Bardot in gelding of donkey

A French appeals court has ruled that Brigitte Bardot was within her rights in castrating a donkey boarding at her home in St. Tropez.

The legendary cinema star, an animal rights crusader who shares her villa with hundreds of animals, had Charly, the donkey, castrated

in 1989 when he threatened to mate with her female donkey, Mimosas.

Charly had been left in her care by a Lyon businessman, who filed charges against Ms. Bardot after discovering his animal had been gelded.

Television's 'Laverne' is a grandmother

Penny Marshall, the half of TV's "Laverne & Shirley" tandem who evolved into a movie director, became a grandmother Thursday when daughter Tracy Reiner, 28, gave birth to an 11 1/2 -pound boy. Ms. Marshall, 48, was a spectator at the at-home delivery. Ms. Reiner is the stepdaughter of director Rob Reiner, and she is the niece of director Garry Marshall.

Celtics boss Auerbach is honored at 75

His hair has been gray for years, but Arnold Jacob Auerbach is still "Red" at 75.

A foundation named for the Boston Celtics legend was to receive the proceeds of a laudatory bash last night in honor of Mr. Auerbach, who celebrated his birthday Sept. 20.

Mr. Auerbach, longtime Celtics coach and now president of the franchise, said he had no plans to leave. "As long as I'm able to," he said, "I'll be active."

Dave Gavitt took charge of the team's daily operations on May 30, 1990.

"He'd like to have everybody think that he's mean and nasty, but . . . he's a puppy dog," Mr. Gavitt said of Mr. Auerbach.

Iman weeps at famine in native Somalia

Top model Iman, the Somali-born wife of rock singer David Bowie, wept Thursday when she saw hundreds of starving children in the part of her native country worst hit by famine.

Iman was visiting the southern town of Baidoa, where 250 people are dying from starvation every day, witnesses said.

Madonna's 'Erotica' makes MTV debut

Madonna's newest video, "Erotica," debuted at midnight Friday on MTV. The network banned the pop queen's 1990 video, "Justify My Love," for nudity.

The new video won't be broadcast on NBC's "Friday Night Videos" or shown on a giant screen at Times Square because its bondage imagery was deemed too racy.


Critic Brendan Gill is 78. Comedian Jan Murray is 75. Actor Charlton Heston is 69.

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