Bush faces his last day on cable bill


Cable, broadcast and consumer groups are anxiously waiting to see whether President Bush makes good on his threat today to veto the cable regulation bill.

The bill has been on Mr. Bush's desk since the Senate passed the bill 74-25, more than enough to override a veto, on Sept. 23. He has until midnight tonight to veto or approve the bill.

Faced with his first defeat in Congress, the New York Times reported Thursday that White House officials were exploring the possibility that Mr. Bush might reverse himself and sign the bill.

According to the report, a White House official called Jefferson City, Mo., on Tuesday to discuss the "possibility" of setting up a signing ceremony for the bill. Missouri is home to one of the bill's Republican sponsors, Sen. John C. Danforth, and is a battleground in the presidential campaign.

For cable subscribers, passage of the bill could mean that rates would not continue rising with their usual speed.

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