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It's time for our requisite RedskinsChannels 11,...


It's time for our requisite Redskins

Channels 11, 9 to air 'must' game

It's late in the fourth quarter. The Bears, who trail the Vikings by five, are driving. Neal Anderson runs to the Minnesota 5. On the Chicago sideline, William Perry jumps with excitement, and the shock waves stop the clock with three seconds left.

You're on the edge of your seat. In fact, you're so far on the edge of your seat that you plop on the floor, scattering tortilla chips and guacamole over the coffee table and your favorite coffee-table book, "The Pictorial History of Galoshes."

Temporarily blinded by flying guacamole, you recover in time to see the Redskins kicking off to the Cardinals. You scream, "What about da Bears?"

That's a fair question, one that you could be asking come Sunday -- though perhaps not with the Italian sausage-fed accent popularized on "Saturday Night Live."

Yes, football fans, it's time again to experience the joys of being a Redskins "peripheral market." As handed down from Mount Sinai, CBS and the NFL, Channel 11 (as well as Washington's Channel 9) must carry every second of Sunday's 4 p.m. Redskins game, even if it means leaving the 1 p.m. game early.

Thus spraught Tagliabue: "By contract with the NFL, all visiting team home and peripheral markets on second games are required to carry their doubleheader games in entirety." (Translation courtesy of Emerson Coleman, WBAL-TV's director of broadcast operations.)

Don't worry, though. Sunday is the only time this season that Channel 11 must make the switch. And who are we to argue with the NFL, which, after all, just might decide to give Baltimore a team as soon as Gene Upshaw becomes commissioner?

Don't go, Joe

By early next week, Joe Angel apparently will decide whether he'll be back in Baltimore next baseball season.

Angel's representative, Ron Shapiro, said the Orioles radio announcer has offers from the expansion Florida Marlins and WBAL and is deciding between them.

Skating away

ESPN has added two announcers for its NHL coverage, which begins Tuesday (Penguins-Flyers, 7:30 p.m.) -- Jim Schoenfeld as a game analyst and Al Morganti as a studio reporter.

Morganti was a hockey writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer and the late, lamented National before moving to radio in Philadelphia. Schoenfeld is a former NHL player and coach and author of my all-time favorite hockey quote, aimed at referee Don Koharski: "Have another doughnut, you fat pig."

It's not often that sports television can add a man with a touch of the poet.

Feeling punchy

Pro boxing has been away from NBC since December 1990, but it returns tomorrow (5 p.m., channels 2, 4) after Notre Dame football. What great packaging: Fighting Irish followed by fighting.

NBC dropped boxing because promoters were asking too much money for fights that didn't draw boffo ratings. Will the featherweight bout between Troy Dorsey and Jesse James Leija rake in the viewers? Maybe not, but Valvoline has greased the skids by becoming a primary sponsor for NBC boxing. Quite a slick deal, huh? And the fights should be on oilier, too. (Those courtesy of Puns R Us, coming soon to a mall near you.)

Marv Albert and Bobby Czyz will call the fight. Ferdie Pacheco, phone home.

Oh, my

Bill Walsh returns to NBC tomorrow, starring in the role he created -- the Genius Coach. Walsh left his NFL and Notre Dame analyst jobs to take over Stanford's football team, and his Cardinal plays the Irish at 1:30 p.m. (channels 2, 4). And watch out, John Dockery. If you dare question Walsh's strategy, he might sic Dick Enberg on you.

Things my boss wants to know

In tomorrow's boxing card from Catskill, N.Y. (HTS, 6:30 p.m.), will the fighters' gloves be stuffed with kishke? . . . Is it true that ESPN plans to air a series of four Sunday debates between Jackie Sherrill and a representative of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? . . . Have you heard that CBS plans to team that "I'm a big fan" commercial guy with William Conrad in a new series called "The Fat Man and the Fat Man"?

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