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Union Bridge man faces sentencing

A Union Bridge man is to be sentenced in Frederick County on Nov. 10 on arson charges for burning insulation off $23,000 worth of copper wire that could be sold as scrap, authorities said.

John Wayne Brooks, 25, denied stealing 25,750 feet of electrical wire from Lehigh Portland Cement Co. but admitted burning the insulation off the wire.

He told police he found the wire while he was fishing last January near Rocky Ridge.

The wire and a van had been stolen hours before from the cement plant in Carroll County. Defense attorney Franklin Stillrich said the state agreed to dismiss felony theft charges as part of plea negotiations.

The arson charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Incinerating trash is burning issue

A committee should be appointed to study the issues involved with burning trash in the county, Commissioner Donald Dell told New Windsor Town Council members yesterday.

Trash burned as a way of creating energy is another way of recycling, he said.

"We need to make plans visit a few of the incinerators in the area," Mr. Dell said. "I saw one place that was generating enough electricity for 25,000 homes."

Commissioner Elmer Lippy agreed, saying the burned material should count as a percentage of the county's recycling effort.

"Recycling isn't working flawlessly in the county," Mr. Lippy said. "Taking combustible trash and converting it into precious energy, thereby eliminating our dependence on foreign oil and other products, would be an asset, I believe."

They told the council that the offer by Lehigh Portland Cement Company to burn tires on their Union Bridge property is considered a viable option.

Commissioner Julia Gouge reminded the group that an incinerator would mean a lot of money.

"I believe in the last study we did, we found that it would cost about $65 million," Ms. Gouge said. "And that's just building costs."

But Town Clerk Richard Warehime felt the money would be well spent: "We are dealing with a county that is growing, and we are finding we have less land and more trash."


* Blacks Corner: Pleasant Valley was dispatched to a house on Blacks School House Road at 9:16 p.m. on Wednesday for an investigation of a fire.

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