Centennial Lane work to end in Feb.

Exasperated residents along Ellicott City's Centennial Lane can expect road construction to end in February, according to the head of the public works department.

The project will widen the heavily traveled two-lane road to four lanes, said Director of Public Works James Irvin.

However, much of the new pavement is temporary because the department is relocating water, sewage and gas lines to make way for the new road, he said.

"We apologize for the inconvenience," he said. While some residents have been upset at all the road work, he said others are happy to see some of the regular traffic going elsewhere to avoid the construction.

New intersection approved

A new intersection to ease traffic tie-ups on Montgomery and Meadowridge roads has been approved by the county Department of Public Works.

Under the plan, Meadowridge Road will shift west to align with Brightfield Road, where a four-way traffic light will be put up, said Public Works Director James Irvin. Although Rockburn Township residents had expressed fear about increased traffic because more people may drive through their neighborhood to avoid the light, Mr. Irvin said the department will take steps to keep that from happening.

Some steps will include decreasing the speed limit and putting up a "Right Turn Only" sign on Rockburn Drive near Horn Drive, he said.

Because construction of the road depends on the rate of development in the Brightfield neighborhood, no date has been scheduled, he said. Once construction begins, however, it is expected to finish within a year.


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