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A tribute to Schaefer


EXCEPT for the statement that we had dinner at th Governor's Mansion with Governor Schaefer, Frank A. DeFilippo's column Sept. 3 about what happened at the dinner was completely inaccurate. Our group of Italian-American businessmen has been meeting with Governor Schaefer for several years, with meetings being held in Baltimore and Annapolis.

At our last dinner meeting at the mansion, the governor $l absolutely did not ask the group to organize a tribute to him from the Baltimore Italian-American community in preparation for a mayoral campaign, as Mr. DeFilippo stated. To the contrary, we asked the governor if we could hold a "thank you, governor" event to thank him for all the wonderful things he has done as mayor for the city of Baltimore and as governor for the state of Maryland. He was quite surprised and pleased when we asked if we could make it a birthday party, and he accepted the offer.

This party (which is not a fund-raiser) is set for Nov. 9 at Martin's West.

It would seem that an experienced writer like Mr. DeFilippo would check out the facts before writing such a derogatory article. His article upset many Italian-Americans in our community.

Anthony Piccinini


The writer is chairman of Italian-Americans for GovernoSchaefer.

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