Trial of Long Island teen takes strange twists Tape shows Fisher bragging about her notoriety

NEW YORK -- The latest twists in the strange case of the Long Island teen who tried to kill her older lover's wife are being played out over the airwaves.

Amy Fisher says she wants to keep her name in the press "because I can make a lot of money" and says she deserves a Ferrari for all the "pain and suffering" she's endured.


The South Merrick, Long Island, teen made those statements and others in a secretly videotaped conversation with a male friend.

The bombshell video, to be broadcast today on the TV tabloid show "Hard Copy," was taped Tuesday night, less than 12 hours before she agreed to the plea that will give her five to 15 years in prison for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco, the show's producers said.


Parts of the tape were screened for reporters yesterday.

The show's producers refused to identify the man in the tape, but it is clearly Paul Makely, the Long Island gym owner whom Fisher described on a previously aired videotape as her boyfriend.

In the latest tape, 18-year-old Fisher lists things she wants to do before she's sentenced to prison in December for shooting Mrs. Buttafuoco.

Fisher says she wants to get drunk, play pool, ride dirt bikes, go water skiing and go to the Hamptons before heading to jail.

She brags, hours before Nassau County Judge Marvin Goodman accepted her plea bargain, that she'd be out of jail in "two years, nine months and one week."

At one point, she throws her arms around Mr. Makely's neck and kisses him on the lips. Fisher suggests they get married so they can enjoy conjugal visits in jail, though he laughs off her proposal.

Fisher said her lawyer, Eric Naiburg, believes that requiring people to be married for conjugal visits is "unconstitutional" and that she would be his client in challenging the law.

"That will keep my name in the press," she said. "I want my name in the press. Why? Because I can make a lot of money. I figure if I'm going through all this pain and suffering, I'm getting a Ferrari," she said.


Meanwhile, the victim went on talk radio yesterday and said the bullet in her head hasn't killed her sex life.

The 37-year-old Long Island housewife called Howard Stern's morning radio show yesterday morning.

One of the questions he asked Ms. Buttafuoco was whether she and her husband, Joey, still have sex after the traumatic incident.

She replied that it has not been a problem for them since her release from the hospital in June.

When word of her radio show comments got out, once again reporters flocked to the Buttafuoco house in Massapequa.

As the afternoon wore on, the Buttafuocos emerged from their house holding hands. She refused to comment on her call to Mr. Stern.