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NFL injury report


Sunday's games

Buffalo at New England -- Bills: QB Frank Reich (back), LB Darryl Talley (abdomen) are questionable; LB Cornelius Bennett (wrist), Carwell Gardner (knee), WR Brad Lamb (shoulder) are probable. Patriots: LB Vincent Brown (neck) is doubtful; G Eugene Chung (shoulder) is questionable; DE Chris Gannon (knee-ankle), RB Leonard Russell (ankle), LB Chris Singleton (groin) are probable.

Denver at Cleveland -- Broncos: CB Muhammad Oliver (knee) is out; P Mike Horan (knee) is questionable; CB Wymon Henderson (ankle) is probable. Browns: QB Mike Philcox (right-thumb) is out; DT Michael Dean Perry (knee), CB Terry Taylor (concussion) are probable.

Miami at Seattle -- Dolphins: S Liffort Hobley (hip), WR Tony Martin (neck) are questionable. Seahawks: WR Tommy Kane (knee) is doubtful; CB Brian Davis (thigh) is questionable; S Robert Blackmon (hip), WR David Daniels (groin), TE Paul Green (ankle), TE Ron Heller (neck), C Joe Tofflemire (neck) are probable.

San Diego at Houston -- Chargers: WR Nate Lewis (hamstring) is questionable; CB Gill Byrd (neck), DE Burt Grossman (ankle), QB Stan Humphries (ankle), P John Kidd (nose), LB Eugene Marve (knee) are probable. Oilers: LB Lamar Lathon (ankle), S Bubba McDowell (elbow), DE Lee Williams (knee) are questionable.

Atlanta at Chicago -- Falcons: WR Michael Haynes (shoulder) is doubtful; S Scott Case (chest), C Jamie Dukes (rib), T Mike Kenn (back) are questionable; CB Bruce Pickens (teeth), S Elbert Shelley (ankle), are probable. Bears: CB Richard Fain (knee) is (knee), questionable; TE Keith Jennings (shoulder), RB Darren Lewis (calf), WR Ron Morris (knee), G John Wojciechowski (foot) are probable.

Tampa Bay at Detroit -- Buccaneers: G Tom McHale (ankle) is out; S Darrell Fullington (ribs) is probable. Lions: S William White (ankle), CB Kevin Scott (ribs) are questionable.

Minnesota at Cincinnati -- Vikings: TE Mike Tice (back), QB Rich Gannon (hand) are questionable. Bengals: TE Rodney Holman (ribs), CB Rod Jones (ribs), DE Elston Ridgle (shoulder) are probable.

New York Jets at Los Angeles Rams -- Jets: QB Browning Nagle (right index finger) is questionable. Rams: TE Jim Price (shoulder) is out; LB Paul Butcher (foot) questionable.

Pittsburgh at Green Bay -- Steelers: LB Elnardo Webster (knee) is out; TE Jesse Anderson (hamstring), LB Bryan Hinkle (hamstring), T Tunch Ilkin (elbow), LB Jerry Olsavsky (foot) are questionable; WR Ernie Mills (calf) is probable. Packers: QB Don Majkowski (ankle) is out; WR Sterling Sharpe (ribs), DE Matt Brock (knee), TE Jackie Harris (knee), T Harvey Salem (leg) are questionable; C-G Frank Winters (hip), LB Jeff Brady (knee) LB ++ Burnell Dent (knee) are probable.

San Francisco at New Orleans -- 49ers: WR John Taylor (leg) is out; LB Tim Harris (thumb), TE Brent Jones (hamstring), WR Odessa Turner (concussion) are probable. Saints: NT Jim Wilks

(knee), TE Hoby Brenner (kidney) are doubtful.

Monday's game

Los Angeles Raiders at Kansas City -- Raiders: WR Tim Brown (hamstring) is doubtful; NT Nolan Harrison (knee), LB Winston Moss (groin) are questionable; DE Chester McGlockton (foot) is probable. Chiefs: DT Bill Maas (knee), LB Chris Martin (thumb), LB Lonnie Marts (knee), RB Harvey Williams (knee) are questionable; WR Emile Harry (shoulder), S Darrell Malone (ribs), LB Derrick Thomas (shoulder) are probable.

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