Chavez-Camacho rerun is worth a look, but then get some rest for football fest

Showtime is running the Julio Cesar Chavez-Hector Camacho fight, staged last Saturday on pay-per-view, tonight at 10 and Sunday at 5:05 p.m. A news conference touting the show was canceled yesterday because Macho became Missing.

Despite the huge advantage Chavez built up on the scorecards, it's an interesting fight to watch. So is the prelim, in which champion Victor Cordoba soundly thrashes Michael Nunn, but Nunn gets the decision. Viva, Las Vegas!


* The college football menu tomorrow is scrumptious what with Florida State-N.C. State (Ch. 45) and Florida-Tennessee (Ch. 13) on at noon, Michigan-Oklahoma State (ESPN) at 12:30, Notre Dame-Michigan State (ABC) at 3:30, Ohio State-Syracuse (ESPN) 6:30 and Washington-Nebraska (ESPN) at 9:30. The cast includes about half the top 10 and would constitute a worthy New Year's Day lineup.

* With about 30 ratings points up for grabs last Saturday, CBS's so-called "Greatest Day in Tennis" at the U.S. Open got a lousy 10 percent of the pie while intruding on prime time by nearly two hours. Beside assuring that at least one of the men's finalists will be dead tired the next afternoon, the idea of having the men's semis and the women's final back-to-back-to-back on Saturday is inane.


* With WBAL away baseballing in Milwaukee tomorrow, WITH-AM (1230) is picking up the Maryland-West Virginia football game beginning at 12:30 p.m. The O's game has a 3 p.m. start because it's the CBS game of the month. Home Team Sports will have a replay of the Terps-Mountaineers at 11:30 p.m.

* Judging from the looks of some of the fighters performing on the USA "Tuesday Night Fights," it should be a prerequisite that they show some semblance of condition before being allowed to enter the ring. Bert Cooper appeared the other night sporting about 20 extra pounds, explaining, "I've been eating too many Snickers at 4:30 in the morning." He won anyway and now awaits an offer from the candy bar company.

Ever wonder what a Sequoia looks like being chopped down? You can check it out next Tuesday when Alex Garcia (25-1, 20 KOs) wields the ax against 7-foot Mike "The Giant" White (26-11).

* Baltimore Spirit (indoor soccer) games will appear on HTS live either six or seven times, starting with the road opener in Milwaukee Oct. 6. If there's someone you'd like to see do play-by-play, contact Drew Forrester at 625-2320.

* The best line overheard during the Redskins-Falcons game last Sunday was analyst Randy Cross noting, "You could populate a small town with the number of people who hang out on the sidelines of RFK Stadium."

* What is Tom Davis doing during his early morning Oriole reports on the radio, running a guess-the-score contest?

* If you believe Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz's story that he forgot the clock starts after a penalty and that no one else on the Irish sideline remembered the fairly new rule either, and that he wasn't simply killing much of the last minute to preserve a tie with Michigan last Saturday, your naivete knows no bounds.

Hopefully, Holtz, who says, "We didn't come to Notre Dame to tie," watched "Monday Night Football" when Dan Marino drove the Dolphins 84 yards in the last minute with no timeouts to beat Cleveland. The situation facing Irish quarterback Rick Mirer was about 50 yards in 65 seconds with one timeout for a winning field goal try. Holtz appeared to decline the challenge.


* The Orioles, who not only lack a cleanup hitter but are woefully shy when it comes to snappy quotes, too, might be getting some help from the minor leagues soon in the latter department.

Farmhand Paul Carey, when asked which TV character he'd most like to be, answered, "Eddie Haskell [of 'Leave It To Beaver']. America needs more people like him -- with his honesty and politeness -- to get back where we need to be."

* As though anyone needed confirmation, CBS analyst Dan Fouts points out, "What the Colts did to quarterback Mark Herrmann, releasing him the day after leading the team to its first season-opening victory in nine years, is ridiculous and criminal and a good indication of why they are one of the worst organizations in football."

Local fans can check out the progress of their once-beloved Hosses by tuning in TNT Sunday (8 p.m.) when they get fed to the Buffalo Bills. Unfortunately, Gary Bender will be attempting play-by-play.