Facing a battering at BC, Navy and Chaump keep their chins up

(TC Boston College has run up 86 points against a couple of pretty good opponents, Rutgers and Northwestern. One week after rattling Notre Dame for 408 yards of total offense, Northwestern was restricted to 75 yards by the Eagles, all of it in the first half. In a word, Boston College is potent.

Navy goes up to Boston to play BC Saturday and coach George Chaump theorizes, "No team in the country is facing the adversity we are right now. On top of the problems we have [apparent in the Mids' opening loss to Virginia, 53-0], we're changing quarterbacks."


So what's the outlook on the banks of the Severn? Sort of a we-have-not-yet-begun-to-fight attitude.

"We will rally," says the coach. "We will stick together. We will come through this. Because of what happened, we'll be stronger. It's going to be great to see how these young men react."


Now if only a few more of them could play football.

* Ah, the vim and vigor of an NHL expansion franchise.

When the Washington Capitals journey to Ottawa next Monday and Tuesday to play the spanking new Senators in a couple of preseason games, they'll be vying for the Crystal Cup, a $5,000 bauble being put up in what will be a continuing series between the teams representing the capitals of their respective countries.

Prior to that, the Caps will play Buffalo in Norfolk tomorrow night, Boston in Providence Saturday and Buffalo in Rochester Sunday, five games in five nights. Usual stuff in the NHL.

* From the my-how-time-flies department: The second-string fullback of the West Virginia team Maryland plays Saturday in Morgantown is a 6-1, 223-pound specimen named Garrett Ford. Sound familiar?

It should. It was back in 1966 when the Mountaineers roared into Byrd Stadium with the sixth-leading rusher in the country, Garrett Ford Sr. He was everything expected, grinding out 138 yards in 25 carries and scoring the visitors' only touchdown in a 28-9 Terrapins romp. The West Virginia coach then was Jim Carlen and one of his assistants was Bobby Bowden, who has had a pretty good career coaching Florida State.

Things must be going well with the Terps, money-wise; no fewer than nine administrators and three bodies from the sports information department are accompanying the team to the mountains.

* You can laugh about Randall "Tex" Cobb making a comeback in boxing if you want, but be properly thankful that it was the ferocious beating he took at the hands of Larry Holmes several years ago that pushed Howard Cosell out of boxing in disgust.


* They have finally slapped together a field for the so-called WTA Champions Challenge at the Smith Center (George Washington

University) in Washington this weekend. . .or have they? Publicity in the D.C. papers yesterday advertised Gabriela Sabatini "and three other top women tennis professionals." Earlier, Mary Jo and Gigi Fernandez and Amanda Coetzer allegedly were lined up to play.

It's a sorry comedown from the days when the Virginia Slims of Washington tourney was a mainstay on the women's winter circuit for 20 years. The Slims tourney was sold to Ion Tiriac by ProServ for $2 million last year and he hauled it off to Europe.

* As though it's not bad enough we're up to our widow's peak worrying about the drugs, the election, global warning, cures for diseases, the budget deficit, decaying public education and the fact the Orioles can't score runs, the folks from the World Cup USA 1994 now pressure us with the responsibility of naming the dog mascot for the big show here two years hence.

Past Cup mascots include a lion ("World Cup Willie"), England, 1966; a young boy ("Juanito"), Mexico, 1970; two boys ("Tip & Tap"), Germany, 1974; another young boy ("Gauchito"), Argentina, 1978; an orange ("Naranjito"), Spain, 1982; a vegetable ("Pique"), Mexico, 1986; an abstract stick figure ("Ciao"), Italy, 1990.

The nominees are Sweeper, Striker, Sidekick and Champ, but I'm calling (900) U4-Soccer and voting for "Whatizit." How did all this foolishness get started, anyway?


* This links yarn comes out of Ocean City and it emphasizes how basically insecure golfers really are. Frank O'Toole lashed what he thought was "a good shot" toward a blind, par-3 hole at Ocean Pines. Frank and his playing partners then searched and searched for the ball for about 10 minutes before someone decided to look in the cup. Voila!

* Talk about timely. "Cruise all four major Hawaiian Islands escorted by Washington Redskin Kurt Gouveia," advised the quarter-page ad as Hurricane Iniki was ripping through Kauai. The phones were noticeably silent that day.