Around the house* Deodorize clothing that smells...

Around the house

* Deodorize clothing that smells like cigarette smoke. Hang suits and dresses on hangers and suspend a sheet of laundry softener (the kind that is dispensed on a roll) from each hanger hook. Cover garments with a plastic bag and let hang overnight to remove odors.


* Use cooking exhaust fan frequently. Smoke residue and grease can easily accumulate on kitchen walls, windows and curtains when exhaust fan is not used. Clean fan every six months.

* Avoid cluttering drawers and shelves. Stack bulky sweaters in plastic laundry baskets that can be stored on the floor of your closet.


* Create additional kitchen space. Place rarely used items such as seasonal cookie cutters or large serving platters in bags or boxes that are labeled; store in another part of your home.

* Freshen pillows with a spritz of cologne when changing pillow cases.

* Remove grime from counter-top grout. Moisten a dry sponge or clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide and wipe between tiles.

In the garden

* Bring houseplants inside gradually to minimize shock. Move plants from full sun to partial shade for a few days. Then place in full shade for a few more days. When indoors, plants will suffer less shock from drier air and higher temperatures.