1992 Anne Arundel boys soccer at a glance


Annapolis Panthers

Head coach: Dave Gehrdes (seventh season).

Assistant coaches: Thomas Cordts and Tom Cox.

1991 record: 7-3-2.

Returnees: Seniors Larry Schultz (striker), Ted Bromberg (halfback), Larry Gensler (halfback), Craig Harrison (fullback), Seth Snider (halfback) and Chris Walker (halfback); juniors David Winegrad (sweeper), Reed Simmerman (stopper) and Stefano Terricola (halfback); sophomores Roger Alfaro (striker) and Ryan Sears (halfback).

Newcomers: Senior Till Luschert (fullback); junior Shane Gagne (striker); sophomore Lars Jorgenson (goalie).

Coach's outlook: "With seven starters back, we should be very competitive, after missing the playoffs by a game last season. In the five scrimmages we've had, we've held our own. It looks like our strength will be up the middle and our outside halfbacks are real strong."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Panthers should be one of the four playoff teams from the region because of their experience, including 6-foot-4 David Winegrad at sweeper, foreign exchange student Till Luschert and sophomore Lars Jorgenson in the goal. This may be Gehrdes' best team in his seven years on Riva Road.

Chesapeake Cougars

Head coach: Earl Eckhardt (seventh season).

Assistant coaches: Bob Connor and Dave Evanco.

1991 record: 9-2-1, lost to Meade in region semifinals.

Returnees: Seniors Ken Findley (striker), Jerry Groves (fullback), Scott Mulkey (goalie), Chris LeCron (midfield) and Eric Daniels (fullback); juniors Erik Dahlen (midfield), Eric Distin (fullback), Jamie Hall (striker), Sean Murphy (fullback), Fred Sporrer (midfield) and Willy Sulima (midfield).

Newcomers: Juniors Mike Dietz (midfield), Jason Emory (midfield), Dan Gerben (midfield), Matt Jantz (midfield), Mike Klein (striker), Mike Sommerfield (fullback), Justin Wilde (midfield) and Scott Weaver (goalie); sophomores Andy Dziuban fullback), Keith Hare (midfield), Blake Moore (midfield), Shawn Shannon (midfield) and Mike Zeruto (fullback).

Coach's outlook: "I only have five seniors, so it's crucial that they take a leadership role. I'm positive about our chances this season because we definitely have the talent and a good nucleus of returning players. I expect to do very well, but a lot depends on how strong the other teams are. I think it's going to be a real race until the end."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Chesapeake is loaded, and if there is a "race until the end," the Cougars should be in it.

Meade Mustangs

Head coach: Mike Dey (second year).

Assistant coaches: Bill Valcarenghi and Garrett Tucker.

1991 record: 11-4, lost in 4A state semifinals to Bowie, 5-0.

Returnees: Seniors Greg Moffitt (midfield), Steve Grewe (defense), Matt Brown (midfield), Alex Dutko (midfield), Michael Remy (sweeper) and Jason Reese (stopper); juniors Andre Wise (striker), Rob Dey (striker), Richard Hegmann (defense), Matt Singleton (midfield) and Doug Jones (defense-goalie).

Newcomers: Seniors Sean Burke (midfield), Wayne Boyd (defense) and Jeff Tomlinson (defense); juniors Jason Bylsma (striker), David Lewis (goalie), Art Ross (midfield) and Ben Hamilton (goalie)

Coach's outlook: "Our seniors are really going to have to stand up and be counted, since we lost so many seniors last year. We've got some real good speed at some positions. If we can utilize that speed, it'll definitely will help us. What we lack is experience. Guys like Brown, Reese and Burke are going to have to carry the load for us."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Mustangs were especially hit hard by graduation, as All-Metro players Erik Washington and Bryan Mitchell departed. With a rough late-season schedule, look for Meade to finish between 7-5 and 5-7.

Arundel Wildcats

Head coach: Nick Jauschnegg (15th season).

Assistant coaches: Ben Seidenstein and John Malecki.

1991 record: 4-7-1.

Returnees: Seniors John Nichols (striker), Darren Sweeny (striker), Gary Gregory (striker), Matt Sakal (midfield), Matt Durose (defense), Chris Hoffman (defense), Mike Fiaschetti (midfield), Darren Hornick (defense), Mike Stull (defense), Dave Sommers (goalie) and Andy Touma (goalie); juniors Matt Warner (midfield) and Rob Greenip (striker-halfback).

Newcomers: Seniors Jim Taylor (goalie) and Javier Rivera (midfield); juniors Yemi Omotola (defense), Chad Schnider (defense), Brandon Agemonnone (defense), Mike Boosinger (midfield) and Steve Kane (midfield); sophomores Tom Newberry striker), Mark Chesla (midfield-defender) and Josh Turney (striker).

Coach's outlook: "I'm satisfied with the progress we're making so far -- we're showing more offensive punch than we've had in the past. We're making a lot of mental mistakes that need to be corrected, so we'll have to take it one step at a time."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Unfortunately, this will not be the year the Cats make a 180-degree turn. The 4A League is just too tough. They might be able to get out a couple of wins toward the end of the season, which would be a morale booster.

North County Knights

Head coach: Steve Malone (third season).

Assistant coaches: Dan Krimmelbein and Cara Hergan.

1991 record: 6-6.

Returnees: Seniors Shawn Moyer (forward), Scott Lam (midfield), Kevin Mok (midfield), Dennis Stiegler (fullback), Mark Collins (fullback) and Mike Hoskins (forward); juniors Chris Cosentino (midfield), Mike Malone (stopper), Matt Lentz (fullback), Corey Houghton (sweeper), Chuck Colvin (midfield) and Ryan Seggerty goalie); sophomore Peter Merrill (midfield).

Newcomers: Senior Greg Sabo (midfield); juniors Emmanual Uche (forward) and Troy Hoskins (forward-midfield).

Coach's outlook: "We're cautiously optimistic. We're certainly not a proven commodity, but we've been pleased with the way they're working. We're very hopeful. But it doesn't matter how good you are; it's how good everyone else is. I'm sure we'll be better than we were last year."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: If North County survives the early portion of its schedule -- its first four games are against toughies South River, Chesapeake, Annapolis and Severna Park Malone's squad will be for real. Another .500 season won't happen, especially if Mike Hoskins is healthy. This is one of the better teams. Moyer certainly is one of the best players.

Broadneck Bruins

Head coach: Jon Braun (first season).

Assistant coaches: Mark Stover and V. J. Keith.

1991 record: 8-4-1, lost to Severna Park in 4A semifinals.

Returnees: Seniors Rob Eckman (midfield), Kevin Davis (midfield), Chris Williams (striker), Billy Samples (defense), Brian Berger (midfield), Ian Brooks (defense) and Dave Terry (goalie); juniors Yancey Quigley (defender), Josh Good (midfield) and Greg Fietag (goalie).

Newcomers: Senior Kevin Barry (striker); juniors Robert Hannah (midfield), Brian Dobson (striker) and Lars Ramson (midfield).

Coach's outlook: "I think our success will depend on how we match up against the better teams. I have a very competitive group of players who love to play the game. My main goal is to continue the success the program has had. This team is a joy to work with, and Mark Stover and V. J. Keith have helped make my transition from Southern an easy one. I'm very excited about starting the season."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: If tradition holds true, the Bruins should be able to piece together an eight-win season. But this is not an ordinary year, with many potentially tough teams on the schedule. Broadneck should at least break even, but a playoff berth would be icing on the cake.

Glen Burnie Gophers

Head coach: Jon Van Orden (eighth season).

Assistant coaches: Allan Samonisky and Greg Martel.

1991 record: 4-8.

Returnees: Seniors Victor Cserer (stopper), Jim Gloede (midfield), Shawn Behegan (fullback) and Matt Tracey (fullback-midfield); juniors Jose Arjona (midfield) and Steve Mulhollen (fullback-midfield).

Newcomers: Juniors Todd Barto (midfield), Dave Holsey (midfield), Mike Messmore (goalie), Eddie Sperduto (midfield-sweeper), Chris Tingen (goalie), Seymour Walker (striker-midfield) and Jack Wildt (striker); sophomores Ruben Arizmandi (midfield), Adam Gray (midfield), Tony Hynson (goalie-midfield) and Adam Smith (striker); freshmen Keith Cullotta (sweeper), John Riley (midfield), Brendan Spilker (midfield) and Scott Jordan (fullback).

Coach's outlook: "As you can see, we're pretty young. We're approaching the season by not setting a wins-and-losses type of goal. The kids have a tremendous attitude toward hard work and discipline and are improving every day down on the field. That's what our goal is: to continue to improve and progress."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: With 17 players lost from last season, and only six returning, how could the Gophers possibly move forward? This is the proverbial rebuilding year.

Northeast Eagles

Head coach: Ron Price (first season).

Assistant coaches: Charlie Dorsey and Jon Somers.

1991 record: 2-10.

Returnees: Seniors C. J. Pelino (line), Willie Burns (defense), Vernon Brumfield (goalie) and Richard Knutsen (midfield); juniors John Majchrzak (defense) and Doug Smith (line).

Newcomers: Juniors Jason Lorch (goalie) and Randy Sokolis (midfield); sophomores Mike Eck (line), Pablo Troncoso (defense), C. J. Canby (defense), Drew DelSignore (midfield) and Roger O'Dea (midfield).

Coach's outlook: "We're optimistic, honestly. We have a lot of young kids up from the JV who have talent and are knowledgeable players. If they develop quickly, we can be optimistic. If not, we'll work as hard as we can. None of the coaches or kids have any delusions of grandeur. We just want to be competitive. But when you lose your entire defense, that's the name of the game."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Is it still a "rebuilding year" when a team is coming off a 2-10 season? Well, that's what is happening over at Northeast. Pelino will be counted on to do just about everything, at least until the younger players grow more acclimated with life on the varsity. Just matching, let along exceeding, last year's victory total would be a coup.

Old Mill Patriots

Head coach: Don Hobbs (15th season).

Assistant coaches: Jim Griffith and Joe Keough.

1991 record: 6-4-2.

Returnees: Seniors Nick Badalian (striker), Steve Smith (midfield), Don Yost (midfield), Dan Knight (midfield), Chris Fischer (midfield), Chip Hornbeck (midfield), Chris Cutlip (sweeper), Scott O'Rourke (fullback), Brian Ondrovick (fullback), Mike Mullen (goalie) and Aaron Speight (goalie); juniors Bob Thomas (striker), Rubin Torres (fullback) and Andrew Lewis (fullback).

Newcomer: Junior Mike Mazzola (fullback).

Coach's outlook: "I think we can score goals this year. I don't think we have one superstar, one player who will do all the scoring. We're pretty balanced. That will make it difficult for other teams. There's not just one player to watch. Our goal is to get back to the playoffs this year, and I honestly think we can do that. Anything past that is gravy."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The gravy -- a regional championship -- isn't out of the question, which is exciting for a program that has missed the playoffs for the past two seasons. This is one of the most experienced teams in the league, with great senior depth at the midfield. And the defense can boast of the same, including two keepers. Assuming Hobbs can find more scoring this year than last, it should be a very interesting fall at Old Mill.

Severn Admirals

Head coach: Rick Lenfest (second season).

Assistant coach: Mike Burnette.

1991 record: 8-8-3.

Returnees: Seniors Chris Accinelli (midfield), Rob Duncan (fullback), Todd Fletcher (midfield), Paul Williams (fullback), Hank Taliaferro (sweeper), Rex Vogan (striker) and Brian Marsh (wing); juniors Brian Hill (wing) and Tod Winchester (stopper); sophomore Brian Zaks (goalie).

Newcomers: Seniors Adam Wexler (forward), Steve Anderson (forward) and Rich Amendola (fullback); juniors Chris Grizzell (midfield), Colin McCarthy (fullback), Kristian Jensen (center-midfield), G. B. Norris (fullback) and Gordon Triplett (striker); sophomores Brad Graw (midfield), Chris Michaelsen (midfield), Noah Downie (midfield), Eugene Youn (midfield-goalie), Arnold Nasyrov (striker) and Alex Rouse (wing); freshman Pete Janney (goalie).

Coach's outlook: "I'm hoping we can at least go .500 like we did last year. Our goal is to win more games than we lose. There's a lot of parity in our division, but our starting 11 has to stay healthy. Our defense is pretty strong because that's where my seniors are concentrated."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Severn's shallow roster could keep the Admirals from producing a winning record.

St. Mary's Saints

Head coach: Brent Boone (second season).

Assistant coaches: Grant Thornander, Dave Harper and Scott Gowdish.

1991 record: 8-8-1, lost to John Carroll in Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference quarterfinals.

Returnees: Seniors Justin Dunbar (midfield), Kevin Reichardt (fullback), Peter Rowan (midfield), Rich Mackey (striker-midfield), Mike Craven (fullback), Brooks Liswell (striker), Matt Stickler (striker) and Chris Hegert (fullback); junior George McNeely (stopper); sophomores Danny Collins (goalie), John Cannelli (stopper), Chris Cannella (midfield), Mark Jenkins (midfield) and Steve Picarde (striker).

Newcomers: Seniors Bryan Koehler (stopper) and Chris Chase (fullback); junior Matt Callaghan (midfield); sophomores Bryan Hamilton (goalie) and John Firth (midfield).

Coach's outlook: "Our team has done extremely well in its scrimmages, so I'm very optimistic. They've been playing well, but what's nice is that I still see a lot of room for improvement. I know we can and will get better, and I think we'll surprise some people. I'm looking for big things from this group."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: If St. Mary's is half as enthusiastic as its coach, the Saints could ride a wave of emotion into the A Conference postseason finale.

Severna Park Falcons

Head coach: Don Gregg (19th season).

Assistant coaches: Bob Planey and John Camm.

1991 record: 11-3, lost to Meade in regional final.

Returnees: Seniors Ryan Voegtlin (fullback), Aaron Duca (striker-midfield), Mark Casper (midfield-striker), Nick Groseclose (midfield-striker), Ryan Henry (fullback) and Drew Brought (midfield).

Newcomers: Juniors Bob Habicht (midfield), Bill Habicht (fullback-midfield) and Bryce Poland (fullback-midfield); sophomores Chris Rippel (goalie) and Kelley Harris (striker-midfield).

Coach's outlook: "It will be more of a group effort. Casper, Duca and Groseclose will be keys. We should get scoring out of them. I think we're going to be very competitive. We're going to be in the thick of the battle. It's a rebuilding-type year, too. The Habicht twins will be a big help. The juniors coming up will be a big help. I'm looking for real good things out of Kelley Harris. I think our chemistry's going to be pretty solid."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Gregg is surely in for one of his toughest challenges with no starters returning. The loss of Brian Peterson especially hurts, but plenty of others will be missed. Getting back to the regional finals won't be easy. It's not impossible -- this is Severna Park, after all -- but it's certainly not easy. The team needs immediate contributions from sophomores Rippel and Harris.

Spalding Cavaliers

Head coach: Rick Carlson (first season).

Assistant coach: Mike Aiosa.

1991 record: 9-5, lost to Curley in the first round of the Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference playoffs.

Returnees: Seniors Zachary Wood (stopper), Jamie Collins (midfield-forward), Fabian Dilaimy (goalie) and Jason Nelson (forward); juniors Brent Pollard (fullback) and Andy Scarborough (midfield).

Newcomers: Seniors Jack Brinkley (fullback), Mark Tishey (forward), Phil Purfa (fullback), Brian Campbell (fullback), Steve Cahoon (midfield) and Chuck Krieger (forward); juniors Todd Carrick (sweeper) and Danny Watts (goalie); sophomores John Coppola (forward), Chad Langville (fullback), Charles Ross (center-midfield) and Matt Weibe (midfield).

Coach's outlook: "I only have one returning starter and I'll start eight underclassman, but I'm still very optimistic. This is the hardest-working team I've ever had, and I've been quite encouraged by what I've seen in scrimmages. I think there's a good chance we'll do well, but I know we'll be competitive."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The Cavaliers are young, but it is the younger players who will carry this team into the A Conference playoffs. Carlson will rely on Wood and Collins to provide Spalding with some much-needed leadership.

South River Seahawks

Head coach: Greg Carroll (15th year).

Assistant coaches: Dave Morehead and Lou Schrum.

1991 record: 7-5.

Returnees: Seniors James Trimmer (striker), Tom White (striker), Lou Schrum (striker), Neil Smith (striker) and Andy Moede (defense); juniors Pat Hogan (midfield), Chris Love (defense), Lee Tillman (defense) and Jeff Schrum (defense).

Newcomers: Junior Richard Emge (defense); sophomores Sean Finnelle (goalie), Steve Pies (defense), Tim Finnelle (defense), Jason Birdsall (defense), Bill Darr (midfield), Mike Hrubiak (midfield), David Neall (midfield) and John Tedder (midfield).

Coach's outlook: "We have a lot of experience at striker and fullback, but we're very inexperienced at halfback. We're very young at halfback, and we're going to need some consistency from them in order for us to be successful. I talk to them every day about what happened to us last year, and hopefully, they'll respond."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: South River's first three games are against North County, Old Mill and Howard County foe Centennial (last year's 3A state champs). After such a brutal opening, the Seahawks hope to recover in time to salvage a .500 season.

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