1992 Harford County soccer at a glance


Aberdeen Eagles

Head coach: Ken Zorbach.

Assistant coaches: Ron Petrey, Dick Slutzky.

1991 record: 2-10.

Returnees: Seniors Chris Myers (FB), Chad Kolb (HB), Zach Fowl (HB), Ryan O'Connor (Striker), Mike Ruth (S), Steve James (GK).

Newcomers: Seniors Josh Broth (S), Thomas Lindgren (FB). Juniors Jon Thomas (HB), Giro Cristello (HB), Mike Baldwin (S). Sophomore Andy D'Amico (HB).

Coach's outlook: "We are showing better skills than a year ago, but we still need to get the goals."

Harford County Sun outlook: Five starters return, as do eight others who saw varsity action, providing more experience than in recent years. James is the key to a solid defense. Improvement is likely, perhaps to .500, but scorers are definitely needed or there will be familiar problems. Last season, the Eagles lost three in overtime and three by a goal each.

Bel Air Bobcats

Head coach: Bill Jefferson.

Assistants: Tom Szerensits, Dan Campasino.

1991 record: 6-6.

Top returnees: Seniors Tim Hintz (FB), Harry Ivers (FB), Mark DeFabio (FB), Anthony Pasko (HB), Henry Raynor (HB). Junior Ethan Jennings (GK), Jeff Uttenreither (HB). Sophomore Pete McKinney (Striker).

Top newcomers: Sophomores Jason Lockerman (S), Adam Molinaro (HB).

Coach's outlook: "The defense is good, but we're looking for more scoring."

Harford County Sun outlook: Defense is actually outstanding, with three three-year starters at fullback and All-County Ethan Jennings in goal. The team allowed only nine goals last year, but scored just six. Early scrimmages were expected to answer some questions on offense. This group could threaten Fallston's place at the top of the standings. Top-heavy road schedule (four home, eight away) is a drawback.

C. Milton Wright Mustangs

Head coach: Paul Snyder.

Assistants: Kerry Reid, Carl Greenberg.

1991 record: 9-3.

Top returnees: Seniors George Albany (HB), Charles Harris (HB), Ryan Strasburg (HB), Rob Grevaris (HB), Jason Zarzyski (FB), Joe Zarzyski (HB). Juniors David Blades (HB), Chris LeBarron (striker).

Top newcomers: Senior Jim Casey (HB). Juniors Brian Gunter (FB), Vince Milano (HB), Tom Walsh (HB), Brian Taylor (GK). Sophomores Corey Smith (S), Mark Klemans (GK), Mike McMann (GK).

Coach's outlook: "We have a good mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm."

Harford County Sun outlook: Early scrimmages suggest the team looks better than a year ago, but there is a major question mark in the lack of an experienced goalkeeper. Taylor, a converted field player, is the best athlete of the candidates.

Edgewood Rams

Head coach: Paul Forno.

Assistants: George Toepfer, Dan Weaver.

1991 record: 0-12.

Top returnees: Seniors Paul Emmons (FB), Bill Carr (HB), Terry Dickey (striker), Matt Griffith (FB), Eric Ruiz (HB), Joe Smith (S). Juniors Mike Hollenbeck (S), John Wagner (S).

Top newcomers: Juniors Ben Brook (GK), Tom Jurkovits (GK), Russ Robar (FB), Craig Jester (S). Sophomores Danny Lose (S), Craig Roland (S), Steve Schriver (FB).

Coach's outlook: "Our biggest improvement is in spirit. It's the most unselfish team I've had."

Harford County Sun outlook: Improvement is obvious here. The team is relatively young, but some newcomers are expected to have an immediate impact. Don't expect a big turnaround this season, but the program is on the upswing.

Fallston Cougars

Head coach: Len Petrey.

Assistant coaches: Tony Riedlbauer, Dale Arnold.

1990 record: 12-3.

Top returnees: Seniors Shane Dougherty (striker), Rob D'Angelo Dan Boers FB), Pete Dixon (S), Brad Siptroth (HB), Jason Hunsinger (GK), Marc Riedlbauer (HB), Chris Jones (S), Chris Luber (HB). Junior Fred Sheckells (HB). Sophomore Todd Paradise (FB).

Top Newcomers: Senior Jim Penski (HB). Juniors Ken Poling (HB), Rob Mezzadra (HB), Steve Schissler (FB), Kevin Morgan (HB), Brian Benner (HB), Ryan Sapp (FB).

Coach's outlook: "We have the players we need. Now we have to sort them out and get them in the right spots."

Harford County Sun outlook: Ten seniors should help extend a two-year unbeaten streak against county teams, although replacing five starters up the middle may take time.

Harford Christian

Head coach: Harley Parkes

Assistant coaches: Brian Akers

1990 record: 12-3

Top returnees: Seniors John Tittle (GK), Shane Carpenter (FB), Roger Williams (FB), Pat Carr (HB), Brian Sherman (Striker).

Top newcomers: Freshmen Jeff Sherman (FB), Jason Edwards (S), Randy Williams (S).

Coach's outlook: "I'll be happy with .500."

Harford County Sun outlook: The team will be hard pressed to make up for the loss to graduation of scoring stars Carty Ingram and Herb Urlahs. The small private school status enables it to travel out out of the area for games, such as last year when it won a national Christian school tournament in Tennessee. Experienced defense, led by four-year starter Roger Williams, should keep the team in games, but it will have to find a consistent scoring punch.

Harford Technical

Head coach: Andy Bleichfeld.

Assistants: To be named.

1991 record: 1-9.

Returnees: Seniors Richie Garcia (S), Greg Mull (FB), Ryan Hall (HB), Eddie Hernandez (FB), Rick Crothers (S). Juniors Justin Blubaugh (GK), J. C. Kilgore (S). Sophomore Shawn Cooper (S).

Newcomers: Sophomores Justin Barnhill (S), Eddie Jones (FB). Freshmen C. J. Johnson (S), Tim Mallon (HB), Cory Peyton (S).

Coach's outlook: "We have a core of skill players."

Harford County Sun outlook: First-year coach Bleichfeld, knowing attrition created problems last season, hopes for additions to his 13-player squad when school starts. Availability of ninth-graders (last year was the first time they were able to play) should help. Top holdovers are Garcia and Blubaugh, but a

lack of numbers will continue to be a problem.

Havre de Grace Warriors

Head coach: Dale Knight.

Assistants: Joe Oswald, Roger Hartsfield.

1991 record: 4-7-1.

Top returnees: Seniors Sean Smith (FB), Ryan Nolan (HB), Jason Barnard (HB), Ryan Kinsey (HB), Brad Gladfelter (GK), J. W. Walker (striker). Juniors Joel Duchon (HB), Scott Bramwell (S), Paul Oswald (FB), Jason Flick (HB). Sophomore Sean McCone.

Top newcomers: Senior Barry Montville (HB). Juniors Eric Ebaugh (FB), Chris Barker (FB). Sophomores Craig Gillespie (S), Matt Mitchell (HB), Colin Brown (FB), Jon Carr (GK).

Coach's outlook: "Better than last year."

Harford County Sun outlook: Last year, Knight had to replace 14 seniors who had taken the team to the 1990 state finals. This time, he lost five seniors and has a solid group of veterans. This team offers further proof that there is better overall county

strength, and could finish with a .500 record.

John Carroll Patriots

Head coach: John Hughes.

Assistants: Rob Hubeck, Paul Barker.

1990 record: 13-4-1.

Top returnees: Seniors Jeff Pickett (HB), Mark Heimerl (Striker), Mike Latch (FB), David Rosso (FB), Mark O'Connor (FB), Ed Maynard (GK). Junior Frank Sweeney (S). Sophomores Joe Stallings (S), Mike Giordano (HB), Matt Brown (FB).

Top newcomers: Juniors Ted Boecher (HB), Matt DeCapite (HB). Sophomore Adam Parris (FB).

Coach's outlook: "Positive, but there is a question of how much we'll score."

Harford County Sun outlook: The defense returns intact, continuing a tradition. The tradition of making the Maryland Scholastic Association (it competes in the A Conference) playoffs should also continue, with Calvert Hall the chief hurdle blocking a championship path. Two season-opening tournament games yesterday were expected to be solid indicators.

Joppatowne Mariners

Head coach: Tom Dove.

Assistants: Mike Bauer, Dave Klug.

1991 record: 9-4-1.

Top returnees: Seniors Cory Doss (FB), Matt Rash (GK), Brian McCarthy (striker), Tim Watson (S), Jon Gettle (S); Brandon Schaekel (HB), Joe Gross (HB). Juniors Andy Kippenberger (S), Rob Wilson (HB), Mike Brown (HB).

Top newcomers: Sophomores Jon Eckman (HB), Matt Graustein (FB), Mark Heath (S), Marty Heath (S), Brett Jortland (FB), Robert Walko (GK), Shawn Ryan (S), Jerry Pfarr (FB).

Coach's outlook: "We have a lot of players with individual skills, but they're untested as a team."

Harford County Sun outlook: Rash and Watson are the only returning starters. There is a lot of inexperience at the varsity level, but there is optimism about the abilities of new players. Even though the team is rebuilding, a .500-plus record seems attainable.

North Harford Hawks

Head coach: Ed Zorn.

Assistants: Roy Pool.

1991 record: 7-5.

Top returnees: Seniors Keith Chesla (Back), Kirk Chesla (B), Rob Ivy (B), Adam Pitarra (B), Adam Wimer (Striker), Andy Read (B), Scott Smith (B). Junior Jason Bellamy (S). Sophomores R. J. Magnaye (B), Keith Smith (S).

Top newcomers: Juniors Mike Barker (S), Chris Fletcher (GK), Ryan Gentry (B), Brandon Landerkin (B), Greg Malat (B), Matt Miller (B), Keith Sellers (B). Sophomores Mike Murray (S), John Stearns (S), David Zorn (GK).

Coach's outlook: "We'll be competitive in the county, and I'd like to see us have a shot at the regionals."

Harford County Sun outlook: The Hawks could shake up the upper echelon of county teams. The Chesla twins make the back line strong, and Keith Smith and Wimer are expected scorers.

Aberdeen Eagles

Head coach: Stu Hinch (third season).

Assistant coaches: Jim McClanahan, Charles Mortus, Tim Lindecamp.

1991 record: 1-11.

Top Returnees: Seniors Sarah Loper (Striker), Lanell Ward (GK), Lisa Williamson (FB), Katie Magee (S-HB), Melanie Mezan (FB), Tanya Wetherell (S-HB); junior Becky Mortus (S).

Top Newcomers: Senior Siobhan Kelly (S); juniors Loretta Anderson (FB), Ver-Anita Brown (S), Jennifer Burch (GK), Shannon Edie (S), Jackie Elliott (HB), Kelly Gaft (FB), Gretchen Gibson (HB), Anna Green (HB), Jennifer Kiely (HB), Kari Moxey (FB), Maria Nasidka (FB), Alicia Poper (FB), Jessica Simmons (S), Heather Theisen (HB).

Coach's outlook: "Their goals are set high. My goal is, I'd like to be .500, but I can see us improving better than that. I don't want to shoot down their hopes, but I say, 'Let's set a goal of .500 and go from there.' "

Harford County Sun outlook: What the Eagles need to reach their goal of a winning season is offense. Hinch said his strikers are too nice -- they want to pass to each other instead of shoot. If the line players can get goal-hungry, the Eagles could make the biggest leap in the county standings. They already have a solid defense, led by fourth-year keeper Ward, Loper and Mezan.

Bel Air Bobcats

Head coach: Bill Zimmerman (seventh season).

Assistant coaches: Rose Clark.

1991 record: 6-5-1.

Top Returnees: Seniors Lisa Thomas (Striker), Becky Eickhoff (FB), Ann Marie Lanett (FB), Jen Emig (HB), Karla Rohrig (GK), Robin Rosch (GK), Lacey Schoenborn (HB); juniors Jen Parr (FB), Melissa Scharoun (HB), Linda Pomper (S); sophomores Jean Tyrell (S), Christie Hall (HB).

Top Newcomers: Senior Jacque Hockman (FB); juniors Melissa Chiasson (S), Kerissa Stone (HB), Amy Kazlowski (FB), Angela Phong (S), Jody Elliott (FB), Danielle Rhode (FB), Karen Rhode (S).

Coach's outlook: "The team I have is basically the same team I had last year. We can usually stay with teams for a while, but our depth is not there. If we're going to lose, it's going to be at the end."

Harford County Sun outlook: The Bobcats have some excellent talent on the line, led by Thomas, the county's second-leading scorer last year. Veterans Thomas and Tyrell bring a lot of speed to the line. But speed is a problem for Zimmerman because he doesn't have enough to go around. Lanett, the only starter back on defense, returns to the sweeper spot, but there isn't much speed and quickness around her. Still, the Bobcats should be competitive in the league and should finish in the middle of the pack.

Edgewood Rams

Head coach: Merylee Schuman (first season).

Assistant coach: Matt Rankin.

1991 record: 1-11.

Top Returnees: Seniors Beth Brown (FB), Anne Collins (GK), Shawn Pupa (HB), Tracy Moretti (HB), Heather Sexton (FB), Connie Lemley (Striker-HB); junior Denise Sines (HB); sophomores Jenny Collins (S), Ronilyn Kirby (HB).

Top Newcomers: Juniors Alison Byrnes (S), Shannon Basham (S-HB), Angela Eichensher (HB), Kim Gowetski (FB), Nicki Blackburn (S), Amy Muhl (FB); sophomore Shana Harry (S).

Coach's outlook: "My JV team, although we didn't have the greatest record, tied several times around the county. We played really well. All of the new players add something to the team, so I'm hoping we will be able to win a couple more games."

Harford County Sun outlook: Along with half of this team, Schuman moves up from the JV with high hopes for improvement. In the past few years, the Rams have put so much emphasis on defense that their attack suffered, but Schuman is determined to turn the Rams into an offensive-minded squad. With good speed on the front line and scoring potential in the midfield, the Rams should score more goals. They open with Catholic High, and Schuman is looking for a win right off, since the two JV teams tied last year.

C. M. Wright Mustangs

Head coach: Ken Dawson (seventh season).

Assistant coaches: Peter Griffiths, Carl Holston.

1991 record: 10-3-1, county co-champs, Class 3A-4A regional finalists.

Top returnees: Seniors Jen Catlin (Striker), Amanda McCulloch (FB), Taryn Szerensits (HB), Amanda Boch (S), Julie Smith (GK); juniors Melisa Billings (FB), Amanda Fouts (HB), Stacy Murnyak (HB), Cynthia Padilla (HB), Lillian Wilkus (HB), Katie Kraus (FB); sophomores Amy Morse (FB), Jackie Bangert (FB).

Top newcomers: Freshmen Miranda James (S-HB), Becky Gerhart (HB), Amanda Moculski (HB), Nancy Tebault (HB-FB), Jennifer Kuehn (FB).

Coach's outlook: "We have the potential to be a really good team. A lot depends on the young kids. It's important to see how they mesh with the rest of the team. With our depth this year, we have the possibility to be better than last year."

Harford County Sun outlook: The Mustangs allowed only 10 goals last season, and most of the defense responsible for that returns. Stopper McCulloch, sweeper Bangert and outside fullbacks Billings and Morse all return. Smith takes over in the goal after backing up last year. Catlin (seven goals) and Boch (seven goals) alone outscored all the Mustangs' opponents combined. With that kind of strength returning, look for the Mustangs to win the county this year.

Fallston Cougars

Head coach: Nancy Ferguson (eighth season).

Assistant coaches: Dinetta Langrehr, Gina Daniels, Fred Sheckells.

1991 record: 6-7, Class 1A-2A regional semifinalists.

Returnees: Seniors Cindy Jenkins (FB), Pam Toth (HB), Katie Kunsman (FB), Laura Rocchio (Striker), Shelby Worthington (HB), Sarah Sheckells (F), Lisa Taylor (S). Junior Kristie Pugh (HB). Sophomores Lori Heffley (HB), Krissy Battenfeld (S), Suzy Harrison (GK), Joanna Rocchio (HB), Laura Snyder (FB), Jinae Szerensits (HB), Jenny Weber (S), Gina Penn (S).

Top Newcomers: Freshmen Courtney Benner (S), Beth Blasi (S), Beth Rappold (FB), Megan Tulley (FB).

Coach's outlook: "We did all right in the county last year, but we blew it a couple of times -- to North Harford and Joppatowne. I'd like to pick up those games this year and pick up a win or two against Howard County [opponents] and next year let loose."

Harford County Sun outlook: Last year, Ferguson built a contender with eight freshmen. The Cougars didn't win the county title, but had plenty to say about it, knocking off C. Milton Wright and forcing the Mustangs to share the title with Joppatowne. The Cougars still are young -- more than half are underclassmen. But with a lot of depth and highly skilled players, they could win the county if the Mustangs stumble.

Havre de Grace Warriors

Head coach: Herb Mason (fourth season).

Assistant coaches: David Craig, Phyllis Tayon.

1991 record: 1-11.

Top returnees: Seniors Carrie Bauer (FB), Chrissy Hause (striker); juniors Christine Williams (FB), Leslie Mathias (S), Georgiana Davis (GK), Courtney Craig (HB), Heather Swearingen sophomores Melissa Hundertmark (HB), Cindy Fernando (HB), Rhonda White (S).

Top newcomers: Juniors Christine Ray (S), Evette Demby (HB); sophomores Teah Furhmaneck (S), Sarah Bromer (FB); freshmen Sally Anderson (HB), Pamela Craig (S), Kathy Foley (S), Christiana Fox (S), Michelle Lefler (FB), Brandy Miller (HB), Sherry Moore (HB), Amanda Old (S), Amy Old (HB), Jennifer Spooner (FB), Erica Hagelin (S), Tara Stansbury (HB).

Coach's outlook: "It's a young team. They don't have all their soccer skills yet, and this bunch has never played together. As long as the girls have a good time and they play hard, that's all you can ask."

Harford County Sun outlook: Without a JV to feed his program, Mason always starts out with a lot of raw talent. This year, Mason lost six seniors, and several of his freshmen have never played soccer before. The Warriors have a long way to go to catch the league's top squads.

John Carroll Patriots

Head coach: Joe Rehrmann (10th season).

Assistant coaches: Mike Beczkowski, John Stallings.

1991 record: 7-7-4, third in Catholic League.

Top returnees: Seniors Amy Dean (FB), Amity Torbit (striker), Katie Nietubicz (S), Carrie Stevenson (FB), Carlyn Gray (FB), Christine Pascone (HB), Kristy Metz (HB), Mandy Sappington (GK); juniors Elena Morris (FB), Beanie Lund (S), Krystin Porcella (S).

Top newcomers: Juniors Lauren DeRossett (HB), Christina Trancucci (S); freshmen Erin Ferriter (HB), Amy Goetzinger (HB), Megan Giorno (FB).

Coach's outlook: "Last year, we lost a lot of one-goal games -- 2-1, 3-2. This year, we should be a better team, but our league [the Catholic League] is so tough, a team could be a nice team but drop the close games and have a so-called losing record."

Harford County Sun outlook: Before dropping to third last year, the Patriots had won two straight Catholic League titles. They had finished in the top two for six straight years. This year, they should be right back in the title hunt. Torbit and Nietubicz lead a tremendous attack, while Dean and Morris anchor the veteran defense. Rehrmann said the only question is the transition game, but that should improve quickly. Pascone and Metz are solid halfbacks, and they could be joined by talented freshman Ferriter.

Joppatowne Mariners

Head coach: Chris Myers (first season).

Assistant coaches: Kathy Wunderlich.

1991 record: 11-3, county co-champs, Class 1A-2A regional finalists.

Top Returnees: Seniors Cheryl Ulrich (HB), Betzi Faust (GK-HB), Amy Knepp (HB), Jennifer Robbins (FB), Tiffany Metzger (FB); juniors Brandi Frederick (Striker) and Lauren Glaze (S).

Top Newcomers: Junior Betty Ann Pearce (HB); sophomores Lisa Maly (S), Kris Voit (GK), Eva Pierorazio (HB), Erica Adams (FB), Jennifer Aquia (FB), Jamie Eng (FB), Emily Francis (FB), Karen Lemley (HB); freshmen Tiffany Gehring (S/HB), Lora Harkins (HB) and Bonnie Powell (S).

Coach's outlook: "We have decent team speed and solid skills, so I think we're going to be competitive. We're so young, we could be rebuilding, but in two years we could be better than we were last year."

Harford County Sun outlook: The Mariners lost nine starters, including All-Metro pick Thori Staples, so they will rely on young talent. Myers, who coached the junior varsity for the last few years, has plenty of prospects but little varsity experience. Veterans Ulrich, Frederick and Metzger will be the keys to their units. The Mariners probably don't have the power to win the league this year, but Myers has enough strength to keep games close.

North Harford Hawks

Head coaches: Tom Berg (eighth season), Ray Hruz (second season).

Assistant coach: Linda Shawkey.

1991 record: 8-3-1, Class 1A-2A regional semifinalists.

Returnees: Seniors Heather Ledebur (HB), Krista Doyle (GK), Tonia Bruno (FB), Michelle Dieter (HB), Dawn Hale (FB-GK), Amanda Heagy (Striker), Mindy Luzuriaga (HB), Rachel Tanchuk Juniors Heather Martin (S), Melissa Anderson (S), Christine Homa (HB). Sophomores Dawn Harrison (S), Tina Kidd (FB).

Top Newcomers: Juniors Jennifer Grubb (FB), Katie Verdecchia (FB). Sophomores Wendy Dieter (HB), Shannon Harmon (S), Erin Kroneberger (FB-GK), Nicole Eisner (HB-S). Freshmen Becky Kiebler (HB-S), Karen Phipps (S).

Coach Berg's outlook: "We could be right in the middle of it if we can fill those outside fullback spots. What may hurt us is our inexperience."

Harford County Sun outlook: The Hawks are strong up the middle, with center forward Martin (12 goals last year), halfback Michelle Dieter, fullback Bruno, sweeper Ledebur and keeper Doyle. But a few question marks on the outside could keep them a notch below the top spot in the county. If Berg and Hruz can find the right combinations, however, the Hawks could give C. M. Wright a run for the title.

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