Running into triple


There was little doubt that yesterday's triple play was made possible by a base-running mistake by Randy Milligan, who was running all the way from first on a long line drive by Mike Devereaux. It was an honest mistake, because it did not look as if Mariners right fielder Jay Buhner would be able to make a play.

Milligan ran right up Brady Anderson's back between second and third, and Anderson was ruled out when he passed Milligan trying to go back to second base.

The ball was relayed to shortstop Omar Vizquel, who stepped on second base (to no real effect, because Anderson was already out) and then tagged Milligan.

The triple play turned against the Orioles in the fifth inning yesterday was the third they've been involved in since Aug. 7 and the second turned against them. It is the 15th executed by an Orioles opponent in club history.

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