Americana plate was made in Japan


Q: Enclosed is a picture of a 10-inch plate with a picture of two Indians. On the back it is marked "Hand Painted -- Nippon."

Please tell me when this was made and what it might be worth and how can I sell it?

A: Your plate was made in Japan during the early 1900s and would probably sell for $225 to $235. "Nippon" is the way the Japanese pronounce Japan.

Q: I hope you can help me identify this porcelain figurine of a man with a mustache. He is 18 inches tall and stands on a gold base. He is playing a stringed instrument and has a brown dog beside him. He is dressed in brown jacket and tight-fitting pants. He is wearing sandals.

A: This mark was used by R. Eckert & Co. in Volkstedt, Germany, around the turn of the century. Your figurine would probably sell for $265 to $285 in good condition.

Q: I have an antique white treadle sewing machine. It has six drawers, two of which are hidden and can be opened only by opening the two drawers below and releasing a latch. I have the original instructions and attachments. The patent date is 1913.

Any information and value of this machine would be greatly appreciated.

A: Treadle sewing machines were made by the millions; they are not scarce. At the best, yours might sell for about $100 in good condition.

Q: I have the complete works of Charles Dickens in 20 volumes published by the Nottingham Society and illustrated by H. K. Browne. Please give me the estimated value of these books.

A: Collectors want first editions; these are reprints of previously published material. The set might sell for $50 to $60. You can determine the value of any collectible book at your public library. Ask for "American Book Prices Current."

Q: We have a set of 12 plates that are marked on the back with a crown with the word "England" above and "Coalport" and "A.D. 1750" below. The plates are about 9 inches in diameter, white with cobalt-blue rims. They are trimmed in gold. We would be most appreciative if you could give us the age and value of these plates.

A: These plates were made in the Coalport factory in England. The mark you provided was used from 1891 to 1920. The set of 12 would probably sell for $300 to $350.

Q: I have four original tickets for the 1893 World's Fair. Please advise if these are worth anything, as I can't go to Spain; I had hoped that the fair would be in the United States.

A: If your tickets are in good condition, collectors might pay from $5 to $15 each for them. Then you might be able to go to the fair when it comes to Atlanta.

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