She won't be fiddle-dee-deeing as new 'Scarlett'


Aspiring actresses and Scarlett wannabes can rest easy on their hoop skirts. At least for another day.

The lead role in "Scarlett," a future CBS miniseries based on the sequel to "Gone With the Wind," is not going to little-known British actress Polly Walker. Ms. Walker reportedly was offered the role and turned it down.

That's also the account given by publicists from Miramax, the distributor of Ms. Walker's latest film, "Enchanted April."

But a spokeswoman at R.H.I. Entertainment, "Scarlett's" producers, denies Ms. Walker was offered the hotly sought part of Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler.

Speaking for "Scarlett" executive producer Robert Halmi Sr., Vickie Cardaro says the actress was offered only a screen test, not the part itself. A screen test is only a film audition for actors being seriously considered for a role.

Mr. Halmi, who paid $9 million for the rights to Alexandra Ripley's best-selling novel, has been holding worldwide auditions for the part of Scarlett in his miniseries, scheduled to air in fall 1993.

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