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Head coach: Buck Gardner (17th season).

Assistant coaches: Al Hunt, Jeff Cranford and Tyrone Neal.

1991 record: 6-4.

Returnees: Seniors Troy Dennis (S-WR) and Jayme Bloc (RB-DE); juniors Joe McCafferty (QB), Jason Poknis (RB-DE), Jamar Mullen (TE-CB), Wayne Small (WR-CB), Austin Smith (C-DG), Jason Hahn (OT), Billy Andes (OT-OG) and Cory Contee (RB-LB-S); sophomore Troy Wick (LB-RB).

Newcomers: Seniors Chris Inzer (OG-DG), Billy McGee (OG-DG and Denny Granahan (OT-DG); junior Troy O'Connor (OT); sophomore Mike McCafferty (LB).

Coach's outlook: "If you were to grade us as far as skill peopl [quarterbacks and running backs], I'd say we're B+/A-. On the offensive line, we're looking at a solid C and looking to get better."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Offensively, the Bulldogs ha a good start in their first scrimmage against Leonardtown, where they scored four times -- twice on defensive plays (interception and a fumble). Defensively, the team has graduated all but two of its offensive linemen. The sooner Gardner can find a working combination, the better for the rebuilding Bulldogs.

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