Reasons to close Old Fallston RoadFrom: Mr....


Reasons to close Old Fallston Road

From: Mr. and Mrs. Morton M. Foster


To: Harford County Council

Back in 1973, we moved to a lovely country road called Old Fallston Road, where you were not afraid to raise a family and children would play in the front yard, for there was a code that you could not fence in your yard -- a code that still exists.

Now, 1992, there are three reasons I would like to see Old Fallston Road closed at Route 152:

1. Due to the accidents that have occurred at the intersection of Route 152 and Old Fallston Road.

2. Because of the traffic and speeding cars.

3. Due to the traffic and speeding cars, our property is not selling. Families with children will think twice about living on this road. . . .

Radio-controllers offer word of thanks

From: Achille Silvestri

Bel Air

On behalf of the Harford County Radio Control Modelers, I wish to thank you and your staff for the notices you provided in your newspaper announcing our Giant Scale Fly-in which was held on Aug. 9.

We drew more spectators than in any previous event. . . .

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