MSA A Conference


City Knights 1991 record: 10-0. Coach: George Petrides.

Top players: Terrence Suber, Sr., QB; Dwight Banks, Jr., WR; AntonioTravers, Sr., FB; Shawn Scott, Sr., OL-DL; Marshall

Holmes, Sr., OL-DL; Carey Hugh, Sr.

Outlook: The pressure is on for the Knights, who last year surprised the conference and Petrides, The Sun's 1991 Coach of the Year. All-Metro quarterback Suber (12 TDs, 1,027 passing yards, 402 rushing) is back, behind linemen Scott (6-2, 260), Holmes (6-2, 225), Xavier Logan (6-0, 245) and tackles Gregory Gillis (6-2, 230) and Jason Burke (6-3, 240). Like Suber, Banks (4.5 40-yard --) is listed among the nation's top college prospects in Street and Smith's.

Calvert Hall Cardinals 1991 record: 9-2. Coach: Bill Mackley.

Top players: Tim Butler, Sr., S-SE; Daniel Cornitcher, Sr., OT-DT; Mike Cunningham, Sr., OG; Stan Fisher, Sr., OG; Dennis Grinestaff, Jr., QB; Adam Roberts, Jr., RB.

Outlook: The Cardinals will have a difficult time matching the performance of last year's squad, which completed the year ranked No. 5 in the area. "We'll be the smallest team in the MSA, and our biggest problem is maturity. Our strength will be in the skilled positions," said fifth-year coach Mackley.

Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders

1991 record: 5-5. Coach: Frank Trcka.

Top players: Rocky Keener, Jr., QB; Brandon Holly, Sr., OT-DT; ++ Curtis Loggins, FB; Rodney Manigo, Sr., WR-RB; John Terry, Sr., RB.

Outlook: Other than Holly (6-6, 260) and Loggins (6-1, 234), the Crusaders lack size. "We have a lot of speed, we're very quick, we just have to come together," said fifth-year coach Trcka. That, and the poise of Keener in the multiple-set offense, will key the Crusaders' attack.

Forest Park Foresters 1991 record: 3-7. Coach: Obie Barnes.

Top players: Ronald Foster, Sr., LB; Bilal Bahar, Sr., RB; Kenny Smith, Sr., LB; Tonnka Bryant, Sr., LB; Antoine Hickman, Sr., LB; Trinidad Taylor, Sr., LB-OG; Robert Arther, Jr., CB.

Outlook: Although it will be superb defensively, Forest Park will lack the usual size of its lineman. "That's where we'll be hurting the most," 16th-year coach Barnes says. Sophomore quarterback Newman Thompson is up from the JV, where he led

the team to its first winning season in years.

@Gilman Greyhounds 1991 record: 5-4. Coach: Sherm Bristow.

Top players: Ronnie Crockett, Sr., WR; David Shapiro, Sr., C; Nick Maumenee, Sr., LB.

Outlook: Twelth-year coach Bristow hopes to regain the stature of his 7-2 record from two years back. And the Greyhounds could do it, with 27 returnees -- including eight offensive starters and four on defense -- from last year's 17th-ranked squad. Crockett (6-2, 175), Shapiro (5-11, 220) and Maumenee (6-1, 205) are the core.

Lake Clifton Lakers 1991 record: 0-10. Coach: David White.

Top players: Andy Gray, Sr., C-P; Dwayne Holcombe, Sr., DT; Tim Goldsby, Sr., S; Dennis Harding, Jr., SE; Ricky Matthews, Soph., RB; Curtis Scott, Sr., RB.

Outlook: Although they were coming off of a 9-1, MSA B Conference championship season last year, the Lakers were swamped in their inaugural A Conference venture. "We've been here for a season, so we'll be better for it," said eighth-year coach White. That could be, with 10 returning starters, including three-year veteran Gray (5-10, 190).

Loyola Dons 1991 record: 8-2-1. Coach: Joe Brune.

Top players: Bill Evans, Sr., QB; John Conrad, Sr., C-DT; Joe Lombardo, Sr., OT-DT; Brian Perrier, Sr., RB-DB; Greg Hoblemann, Sr., DB-RB; Orlando Mayo, Sr., LB; Karl Zeller, Sr., LB.

Outlook: The Dons lost two first-team All-Metro players and one second-teamer from a team that ended last year ranked third in )) the area. "We have good size and good speed, but we'll have to bring the young guys along," said 26th-year coach Brune. "We built our offense around a talented tailback last year. Now we'll build it around our quarterback." Linemen Conrad (6-3, 230) and Joe Lombardo (6-3, 302) will be the keys.

McDonogh Eagles 1991 record: 2-8. Coach: Mike Working.

Top players: Dwayne Stukes, Soph., RB-WR-DB; Bobby Sablehaus, Soph., QB; Jeremy Seiple, Jr., WR; Tim Yeager, Sr., LB; Andrew Osborne, Sr., LB; Robbie Allen, Sr., S.

Outlook: After going 1-9 two years ago, the Eagles acquired Working as coach and are viewed in the conference as a team on the rise. Speedster Stukes (5-11, 163) amassed 767 receiving yards and six touchdowns. He and Seiple will be targets for Sablehaus (6-6, 210). Yeager (5-10, 190) and Osborne (5-11, 180) anchor the defense along with Allen.

Mount St. Joseph Gaels

1991 record: 2-8. Coach: Tim Perry.

Top players: Dave Sunderland, Sr., OT-DT; Jim Wright, Sr., OT-DT; Johnny McAdam, Sr., C; Kemit Price, Sr., G; David Cole, Sr., G; Dominic Steward, Sr., FB; Sean Neal, Sr., QB.

Outlook: Second-year coach Perry has six starters back. The line boasts Sunderland (6-4, 240), an MSA wrestling champion. He is flanked by Wright (6-1, 280), McAdam (6-0, 200), Price and David Cole. The fullback will be either Steward (5-9, 200) or Julis Weems (5-8, 180). Quarterbacks Neal and Jay English are also battling.

Poly Engineers 1991 record: 5-5. Coach: Augie Waibel.

Top players: Mike Forstner, Sr., QB; Khari Tucker, Sr., CB; Rashad Kitchen, Jr., DE; Malik James, Jr., DE; Tyrone Jones, Sr., C; Quorey Paige, Jr., T; Joe Brown, Jr., T; Ronald Douglass, Sr., G.

Outlook: With seven returning starters and a host of players up from a 10-0 JV, the Engineers look solid. "We're excited, though we lack overall varsity experience," said Waibel, in his 26th year. Forstner (6-2, 175) split starting time last year. There's an underclassman-laiden backfield of Tim Smith, Sekou Selli and Greg Kyler. Tucker (6-0, 170) is a three-year starter, and Kitchen (6-2, 185) and James (5-10, 160) return to the defensive end and secondary, respectively.

MSA B Conference


Carver Bears

1991 record: 3-6. Coach: Ken Shell.

Top players: Anthony Miller, Sr., QB-DB; Thomas Jackson, Sr., LB-RB; Marcius Downing, Sr., DT; Nathan Thomas, Jr., LB; James Hall, Sr., DE; Damien Davis, Soph., OG.

Outlook: Miller's quarterbacking and the defense should carry the Bears farther than last year. Miller (school-record 10 interceptions as a defensive back last year) is a hot college prospect, and Downing (6-1, 225) and Thomas (6-2, 235) were the leading tacklers a year ago.

Dunbar Poets 1991 record: 6-3-1. Coach: Pete Pompey.

Top players: Derrick Player, Jr., DT-OT; Hollis Roberts, Jr., FB-LB; Vashawn Ragsdale, Sr., C-DT; Emanuel Fitzgerald, Sr., QB-WR-RB; Omar Parker, Sr., WR-CB; Derrell Jones, Sr., TE; Elton Banks, Sr., G-LB.

Outlook: The count quickly dwindled from 45 to 18 players, but seventh-year coach Pompey is undaunted. He has returning veterans Player (6-5, 295) and Ragsdale (5-6, 240), and a speedy backfield of Roberts (5-10, 210), Fitzgerald and Parker. "Our skilled players are very good," said Pompey.

Edmondson Redskins 1991 record: 7-2. Coach: James James.

Top players: Clarence Holliday, Sr., S; Maurice Blanding, Sr., QB; James Coombs, Sr., TE-QB; Jaamal Morant, Soph., FB; Alvin Ledbetter, Jr., DE; Damien Ross, Sr., RB; Donte Taft, Sr., CB.

Outlook: "To be honest, unless the kids surprise me, the prognosis doesn't look good," said sixth-year coach James, whose Redskins are defending champs. "Other than the eight returnees that we have, we're rebuilding." The Redskins will operate out of the run-and-shoot, the option, I-formation and the split backfield.

Mervo Mustangs 1991 record: 2-8. Coach: John Blake.

Top players: Ronald Owens, Sr., S-SE; Eric Cox, Sr., OL-DL.

Outlook: Fourth-year coach Blake says Owens (6-0, 180), a relative of Philadelphia Eagles former All-Rookie player Calvin Williams, has the genes to be a great player. Cox (6-3, 240) is being recruited by Morgan State.

Northern Vikings 1991 record: 7-0. Coach: Ike Hemphill.

Top players: Ahmad Linton, Sr., OL-DL; Lamont Hector, Jr., OL-DL; Sean Brannun, Sr., RB; Tim Forney, Sr., RB; Steven Alston, Sr., RB; Clinton Lloyd, Sr., WR.

Outlook: Seventh-year coach Hemphill's Vikings were coming off 2-6 season in 1990, but ended the year as runners-up to Edmondson. There are just five returnees among the 47 who turned out. Gone is QB Donnell Stokes (850 yards). Brannun, Forney and Alston are the running backs, and Lloyd is a returning receiver. Linton (6-1, 220) and Hector (6-2, 225) anchor the line.

Northwestern Wildcats 1991 record: 4-4. Coach: Paul Shuford.

Top players: Kevin Ruff, Jr., RB; Terrell Davis, Jr., FB; Kenneth Murray, Sr., OT-DT; Albert Jarrett, Jr., TE-DT.

Outlook: "We lost quite a few people and only have four returners," said first-year coach Shuford, who replaced Lynn Badham. Honorable mention All-Metro running back Ruff (5-10, 187) and fullback Davis (5-8, 150), as well as tackles Murray (5-10, 270) and Jarrett (6-0, 170) are back. "We have only two seniors, but a turnout of 28," Shuford said.

Patterson Clippers 1991 record: 6-1. Coach: Roger Wrenn.

Top players: Buddy Edmond, Sr., QB-LB-P-K; Ramsey Ferguson, RB-LB; William Davis, Sr., RB; Pedro Morales, Sr., RB; John Sauer, S-RB; Ronnie Green, Sr., SE-CB; Anthony Godack, Sr., OT-DT; Stephen Hymes, Sr., OT-DT; Reginald Ellerbee, Sr, G-DT.

Outlook: "I shouldn't say it, but I think we're the team to beat," said 19th-year coach Wrenn. His Clippers return 11 two-way starters, including 6-2, 224-pound first-team All-Metro quarterback/punter/kicker Edmond, who has passed for 2,827 yards, 29 TDs and just four interceptions over two seasons. Anchoring the line are Godack (5-10, 247), Hymes (5-10, 249) and Ellerbee (5-9, 213), with Keith Crow (end) and Stacey Plater (linebacker) on defense.

@Southern Bulldogs 1991 record: 6-4. Coach: Jack Nehsmann.

Top players: Bernard Cox, Jr., OL; Darnell Earl, Jr., QB-DB; Charles Harris, Sr., FB; Lenard Lee, Jr., FB-LB; Chris Lewis, Sr., RB-S; Lou Smith, Jr., OT-DT; Tyrone Smith, Jr., TE-LB; Willie Wilson, Sr., OG-LB; Davon Steele, Jr., RB-LB.

Outlook: The Bulldogs appear to have the best shot at Patterson, with nine starters returning. "We just missed being 8-2 last year, and we hope to be undefeated or close to it when we play Patterson in our last game of the year," said fourth-year coach Nehsmann.

@Walbrook Warriors 1991 record: 0-9-1. Coach: Bill Hice.

Top players: Stewart Scribner, Jr., QB-RB; Dewayne McClain, Jr., FB; Aaron Gwynn, Sr., C; Dorian Christian, Jr., RB-LB; Davon

Cherry, Jr., S-RB; Robert English, Sr., OG-DT.

Outlook: There were 40 players out and 13 starters back. Eighth-year coach Hice said, "We hope to go. 500 with some added talent from a 4-5 JV."

MSA C Conference


Archbishop Curley Friars 1991 record: 0-10. Coach: Barry Brownlee.

Top players: Stash Licharowizc, Sr., LB-OG; Frank Bowers, Sr., OT-DG; Chris Schwoy, Jr., QB-LB; Chris Rohe, Sr., C; Bart McNicholas, Sr., RB-DB.

Outlook: There are 10 starters returning to a program that has nowhere to go but up. Rohe (6-0, 240), Bowers (5-10, 230) and Licharowizc (5-11, 200) are the beef in the Friars' offensive line. But the Friars also have size in the skill positions, with Schwoy (6-0, 195), McNicholas (6-0, 190) and fullback Mike McGee (6-1, 190).

Archbishop Spalding Cavaliers 1991 record: 2-8. Coach: Del Hughes.

Top players: Rich Reilly, Sr., DE-TE; Jeff Paxson, Sr., WR; Mike Tetieppe, Sr., OT-DT; Tim Alber, Sr., OG-LB; Dan Wolf, Sr., FB; Andre Matthews, Jr., RB-DB.

Outlook: Spalding has only 30 names on its roster this season, but 14 are seniors with plenty of varsity experience. First-year coach Hughes isn't expecting his Cavaliers to chase after the MSA C Conference title, but he is hoping for four or five wins.

Boys' Latin Lakers 1991 record: 4-6. Coach: Drew Haugh.

Top players: Travis Holub, Sr., G-T; Chris Smith, Sr., G-T; Matt Proutt, Sr., QB-LB; Phil Booker, Sr., WR-S; Pat Cairns, Sr., FB-LB; Andrew Hampson, Soph., C-LB; Larry Mosley, Jr., RB; Scott Adler, Jr., CB-RB.

Outlook: The linemen are bigger, the players are faster and "we've steadily improved," said fifth-year coach Haugh. "We've got 45 kids out. That's better than the 13 to 15 we had from week to week last year."

Douglass Ducks

1991 record: 3-6. Coach: John Nash.

Top players: Edward Jones, Jr., FB; Jeremy Turlington, Jr., QB; Erving Brogdon, Sr., S-QB; Keith Walker, Jr., RB.

Outlook: With the number of players habitually sinking as the season progresses, the Ducks always seem to have a problem staying afloat. "We're really starting from scratch this year, but this is the problem we're always faced with," said 28th-year coach Nash, whose turnout was 30.

Severn Admirals 1991 record: 7-3 (MSA C Conference co-champs with St. Paul's) Coach: Jim Doyle.

Top players: Brad Fowler, Sr., QB-FS; Chris Cossentino, Sr., DT-OT; Dave Lachapelle, Sr., SE-OLB, Jamand "Jake" Mack, Sr. TB-DB; Chris Pitkin, Sr., SE-DB; Dolph Habeck, Jr., FB.

Outlook: With only one player weighing in over 200 pounds, Severn would appear to be in dire straits. But fourth-year coach Doyle said his Admirals are strong for their size, though he admits they won't be smashing people off the ball.

@St. Mary's Saints

1991 record: 7-3. Coach: Brad Best.

Top players: Ed Zelzin, Sr., OG; Joe Greenlee, Sr., OT-DT; Steve Schummer, Sr., QB; Mark Zeller, Sr., FB-ILB; Joe Keenan, Jr., FB-ILB, Greg Carobrese, Jr., DT; Matt Clune, Jr., WB-CB.

tTC Outlook: St. Mary's lost a lot when running back Joe Conte crossed the stage last spring for graduation, but fourth-year coach Best believes a more balanced offensive attack should help the team score some points this season. The Saints should be strong on defense with eight returning starters.

St. Paul's Crusaders 1991 record: 8-1. Coach: Mitch Tullai.

Top players: Chas Offutt, Sr., QB; Joe Unitas, Sr., QB-DB; Ben Strutt, Sr., RB; John Solter, Jr., FB; Brad Read, WR-DB; Shawn Bean, Sr., OT-DT; Pat Doyle, Sr., C-DT; Steve Karvounis, Sr., G.

Outook: Coach Tullai, in his 40th year (193-124 career record, eight overall titles), has had a share of each of the past three conference titles. He returns nine starters. Chas Offutt, (6-1, 175) passed for 561 yards. Unitas (6-2, 170) was a full-time DB. Strutt (1,200 all-purpose yards) was an honorable mention All-Metro pick last year, and 5-10, 180-pound fullback Solter (460 yards) and 6-1, 170-pound wide receiver Read (four touchdown catches) are a complement.

Southwestern Sabres 1991 record: 6-3. Coach: John Hammond.

Top players: Marcus Nickens, Soph., QB; Terrance Wheeler, Soph., QB; Christopher Ulrich, Jr., FB; Trebreh Johnson, Soph., RB.

Outlook: The majority of last year's Sabres has graduated, leaving first-year coach Hammond with a young team. The turnout of 43 players is an improvement over 25 last year. Nickens and Wheeler are contending for QB in the Sabres' multiple-wishbone attack.

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