Dear Stadium Doctor:Two stadium concerns have prompted...


Dear Stadium Doctor:

Two stadium concerns have prompted me to seek your never-ending knowledge.

Why did the Orioles abandon the idea of not selling bleacher seats until the day of the game? The high demand for tickets should have been a reason to maintain this policy, not abandon it, as there would be little chance of the Orioles being stuck with excess tickets.

Secondly, can anything be done about the beer salesman in the bleachers who keeps his money in his mouth while he carries the beer around, and then has the audacity to give people change from this money when they buy a beer?



Dear E. Smith:

Thank you very much for raising these unusually thoughtful questions, which will be extremely fascinating to fans who regularly sit in the bleachers and to people who've wondered whether paper money is an acceptable substitute for dental floss.

I have done some checking, at no charge to you, and would like to give you answers. Regarding the ticket situation, if I may refer to a ticklish situation in that way, the Orioles decided to change the policy because of the huge demand for Orioles tickets. The high-level executive I spoke to (not Joe Orsulak) said the team felt funny about telling people who wanted to buy their tickets in advance that none were available, then putting a couple of thousand bleacher seats on sale on game day.

As a noted grade-school tattletale, I was only too pleased to notify the stadium caterer of your complaint about the vendor. I don't think it will happen again.


Dear Stadium Doctor:

We each have made several trips to the new ballpark, and have repeatedly wondered the same thing:

On the out-of-town scoreboard, there is room for six American League scores, six National League scores and the "scoring/pitching update" spot in the middle. While that is certainly an improvement over Memorial Stadium and is sufficient for the remainder of the 1992 season, what will be done for next year, when there will often be seven games going on in the National League while the Orioles are playing?

@M. Scherr & T. Scherr


Dear M. Scherr and T. Scherr:

First, I want to let you know that more people are writing to this address these days with questions about the out-of-town scoreboard than any other exciting stadium topic, including the approximate length of the bun on the Esskay billboard. I'm not sure why I told you this, but hope you will find it an exciting glimpse into the Stadium Doctor's highly secretive world.

You will be happy to know the Orioles and the ballpark designers were thinking about these things long before the first Indians pitching change was posted. The scoreboard has room for seven National League games -- and will display that many next year. Until expansion comes, though, the scoreboard operators are spreading out the scores, leaving rows of unlighted bulbs between each game. They think it makes the board easier to read.

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