Board to seek $5.6 million for 3 schools


Carroll's Board of Education is expected to approve a request to the state for $5.6 million to build a new middle school, pay for a school that's already built and repair a third school's roof.

Before the vote is taken, the board will have a public hearing at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in Room 271 of the Courthouse Annex Building, 55 N. Court St.

The board also plans to ask the county for $5.1 million as the regional share of the three projects, said Lester Surber, supervisor of school facilities and planning.

Before the vote, residents may view drawings of the New Windsor Middle School, which is the major project in this year's request.

The 82,800-square-foot school is expected to cost $7.8 million. The board will ask the state for $2.8 million and the county for $5 million, Dr. Surber said.

The new school would replace the existing obsolete school. Dr. Surber said the location is being negotiated.

Main features of the new school will be a courtyard off the library with outdoor seating that can be used for classes and activities, he said.

Architects for the school are Smeallie, Orrick and Janka of Baltimore, the firm that designed the Sandymount Elementary School addition, which has a similar courtyard.

The firm has designed four other county schools.

The board will also try to recoup $2.5 million the county spent on Piney Ridge Elementary School, which opened last year.

As it did in Sandymount Elementary's expansion, the county went ahead with Piney Ridge's construction before state money became available in an effort to relieve school crowding.

"We need [Sandymount] in a major way," Dr. Surber said.

In this year's proposed budget, the board requests state approval to plan Sandymount's expansion and renovation, although the work is done. The state process requires the schools to ask for planning approval one year and construction money the next.

The third request is for $144,000 in state money and $25,400 in county money to put a new roof on East Middle School.

Non-monetary items include a request for state permission to start planning to build Oklahoma Road Middle School, Taneytown Elementary School additions and alterations, Francis Scott Key High School renovation and a new elementary school in the Eldersburg area.

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