Stroke of fortune lets Loyola student keep date with bank


Few people have the good fortune a Loyola College student had yesterday after losing $2,200 in cash while moving into a dormitory.

Thomas P. Golembeski, a 17-year-old freshman, was moving into Windwood Towers on West Cold Spring Lane about 10:30 a.m. when he lost an envelope containing the cash somewhere in the parking lot.

Young Golembeski said he went into a panic when he got inside the dorm.

"I just tried to think where it could be," he said. "I ran outside and retraced my steps, but I couldn't find it. I tore the car apart, but it wasn't there either." The Long Island, N.Y., teen-ager checked into his dorm, then told his parents that the money was missing. He then called campus security.

Meanwhile, college groundskeeper Till Strudwick, 42, found the envelope lying on the street up against the curb.

"I started counting it, and at first I thought it was play money," said Mr. Strudwick, who has worked at Loyola for 10 years. "You know, like Monopoly money. It got up to $900 and just kept on going to $2,000, and it was still going up to $2,200."

Stunned, he stuffed the money back in the envelope and notified campus security.

"I've never had $2,200 in my life for anything," Mr. Strudwick said. "It was a big-time shock. I counted it six times."

By 12:30 p.m. young Golembeski had received a call from Stephen Tabeling, director of campus security, telling him he could pick up the money.

"I told him, 'Welcome to Loyola,' " Mr. Tabeling said. "It seemed zTC like a thousand pounds had been lifted off his shoulders."

It was indeed a relief.

"I thought it was gone for good," the freshman said, adding that he planned to deposit the money in a bank account tomorrow. "But I guess there are some decent people left in the world."

Mr. Strudwick said he never considered pocketing the money.

"I knew that it had to belong to some kid," he said. "Can you imagine calling your parents and telling them you lost $2,200?"

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