Dumpster killing gets police priority Potential suspects have been identified


Baltimore homicide detectives say they have identified several potential suspects in the recent murder of 9-year-old Ebony Scott and are awaiting laboratory tests on physical evidence gathered in their investigation.

The Aug. 13 slaying of the New York City girl, who was strangled, sexually molested and then dumped in a trash bin at West Baltimore'sGeorge B. Murphy Homes housing project, has become a priority case in the city homicide unit, receiving the attention of a detective sergeant and three other investigators.

Those detectives have conducted numerous interviews and have executed at least one search-and-seizure warrant on a 13th floor apartment in the Argyle Avenue high-rise adjacent to the Dumpster in which the body was found. Police have declined to say what evidence was obtained in that raid.

The detectives say they now believe that Ebony's death is not related to the 1988 slaying of Latonya Kim Wallace, an 11-year-old whowas found dead behind a Reservoir Hill rowhouse. Her murder was never solved.

Both girls disappeared in broad daylight and were missing for a time -- Ebony for about 24 hours, Latonya for 36 hours -- only to be found dumped near the site where they were last seen alive. Both were strangled and molested, police said.

But detectives involved in the Ebony Scott case say the similarities go no further. No substantive links between the two murders have been identified. Investigators in the Scott case said their continuing examination of recovered evidence could take several weeks.

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