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Exchange students, teacher stranded without 'hosts' HTC


The local coordinator of the International Education Forum is "desperately" seeking host families for two Spanish high-school boys and their teacher due to arrive in Pasadena tomorrow evening.

The three, who are part of a larger group of exchange students, were left without lodging when their hosts canceled at the last minute, explained Sharon Harrigan, the program coordinator.

The students are two boys, ages 15 and 16. Their teacher is a 34-year-old woman.

They are among a group of about 30 students and teachers who will spend three weeks in the area.

Host families are asked to provide three meals a day and transportation to Northeast High School where the group will gather each day.

The exchange students must be given their own bed, although they do not have to have their own room.

All of the students speak at least some English, and have their own insurance and money, Ms. Harrigan said.

Families will not be paid. "The payment is in the enjoyment and experience," she said.

Teen-agers in host families, however, are given discounts on air travel if they participate in future exchange programs. Also, one child in each host family may participate for free in group activities while the Spanish students are here.

During their stay, the Spanish students will have three-full day excursions to Annapolis, Washington, Baltimore. They will participate in a pizza party, picnics and bowling and roller skating outings. They also will spend several days attending classes at Northeast High School.

Ms. Harrigan said planning for this exchange program began in April and host families were found for all of the students and teachers. But last week, several families said they couldn't participate.

Although host families usually have teen-age children, that is not mandatory for these remaining students.

"I think they would rather stay in a family without a teen-ager than not be able to come at all," she said.

Anyone wishing to be a host to a student or the teacher should contact Ms. Harrigan at 837-2213.

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