Singer spreads God's word through Christian rock and roll


WESTMINSTER -- Contemporary Christian artist Greg Volz is a singer with a purpose.

The one-time rock-and-roll musician is commited to sharing the story of his salvation and God's word -- with those who are not being reached by traditional religious means -- the only way he knows how.

"My gift is communicating music, and through my songs I want to relate to people that the churches are not hitting," said Mr. Volz, 42. "There are a lot of people out there who are spiritually sensitive, and they do not connect with what the church is putting out."

Mr. Volz will perform this weekend at the First Assembly of God Church in Westminster. The concert, at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, is sponsored by True Life Ministries Inc.

That organization is operated by Silver Run residents Paul Taylor and his wife Rainey, who started the home-based organization nearly four years ago and have since promoted some 40 'D Christian concerts in the area.

"The main reason we got started was because music was a big part of our lives," Mr. Taylor said.

"We were exposed to it here and there, and we didn't find that much of it here in this area. We felt that bringing artists here to do concerts would be a great way to expose people to Christian rock music. It's an alternative to the music that the world offers today."

Since they began, the Taylors, who are members of the First Assembly of God Church, have used a variety of resources to find their musical talent.

"We find our talent from Christian radio stations and through magazines who publicize contemporary Christian artists," Mr. Taylor explained. "We also have agents who call us when they have someone who is touring in the eastern United States and they need to fill a date."

Mr. Volz, who has performed in Carroll before, comes to Westminster from an engagement in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

"This is actually the third time we have had him in the area. The first time was in 1989 when we first started doing concerts," Mr. Taylor said.

"We first found about Greg through his agent. Now he no longer has an agent, and we have kept in touch with him, and that's how we came about bringing him back this time."

Mr. Volz, a self proclaimed rock-and-roller, began singing "Jesus rock" in 1970 after he and members of his 1960s e band became saved.

"We became a Jesus rock group overnight," Mr. Volz recalled. "We traveled the highways, byways and performed in colleges and prisons. At first, there were only a few churches that would let us in."

Mr. Volz left the e band in 1974. Three years later, he took a job as lead singer with the Christian singing group Petra.

After nine years on the road, Mr. Volz went out on his own so he could make more time for his wife and four children.

"I was really burned out from being on the road," Mr. Volz said. "It's been working pretty well since I went out on my own. I have been trying to just work weekends for the last six years."

Mr. Volz has recorded several albums, his most recent one the solo album entitled, "The Exodus." His last three albums combined have charted 11 songs on Billboard's Top 20 Christian rock charts, nine of them in the Top 10.

". . . my last four albums are? deep in their message," he said. "A lot of my new stuff, you have to read between the lines. As I go along, I am trying to branch out and broaden."

Ticket are $3 per person.

Information: 876-9568.

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