Girl, 1, is bitten by pit bull terrier Girl attacked after dog chased people into house


A 1-year-old girl was listed in stable condition today after being bitten and clawed by a pit bull terrier when the dog chased several people into a house, police said.

Northern District police said Kiaira Coleman, of the 1000 block of Upnor Road, was sitting on the front porch of her home with her mother, Terri Walker, 18, and several other children around 9:30 p.m. when a man walked by with his 11-month old, 60-pound pit bull terrier.

Police said the dog, named "Kino," is a Staffordshire terrier.

Police said the children began to make noises, causing the dog to become excited and run onto the porch.

Police said the woman and children became frightened and fled into the house, followed by the dog.

In a room, the dog jumped onto the mother's lap and began biting the infant's face and head.

The dog's owner, Michael Flannagan, 20, of the 2600 block of Clearspring Road, entered the room a few seconds later and pulled the dog off the girl.

Police said the child was admitted to the Johns Hopkins Hospital's pediatric unit for treatment of multiple bites and lacerations.

The dog was sent to the city animal shelter, where it would be examined for rabies.

Police said if the dog has rabies, it would have to be destroyed. The child, they said, would have to receive a series of anti-rabies shots.

Police said a report of the incident did not indicate if the dog was licensed or that it had its rabies shots.

Mr. Flannagan told police the dog broke its leash when it became excited when the children began to make noises.

However, witnesses told police the dog was not on a leash.

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