Agent Shapiro almost gets 2nd contract, catching foul


As if he wasn't busy enough, agent Ron Shapiro last night caught a foul ball at Camden Yards -- only to have the feat ignored by public-address announcer Rex Barney.

Shapiro, who sits in the first row on the far side of the visitors' dugout, was holding ice cream in his left hand when he caught a third-inning foul by Randy Milligan with his right.

Barney normally yells, "Give that fan a contract!" under such circumstances. But in this particular case, he refrained.

Shapiro didn't need a contract, not after negotiating a five-year, $30.5 million deal to keep Cal Ripken with the Orioles.

"He already had one," Barney said, laughing. "And it was bigger and worth a whole lot more money than the one I can give him."

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