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Here are summaries of recent Computing product reviews. Each product is rated on a scale of one to four, with four indicating excellent.

On Location, for Mac Plus or later with System 6.04 or 7 on AppleTalk network. $129.95.

STATUSMac, for Mac 512KE or later with hard disk and System 6 or 7 (7 for remote update) on AppleTalk network. $749 for 25 users or $2,699 for 100 users.

Meeting Maker, for Mac Plus or later, System 6 or 7, on AppleTalk network. $495 for five users, $895 for 10.

Instant Update, for Mac with System 6 or 7 on AppleTalk network. $495 for two users, $995 for five.

All from On Technology, 155 Second St., Cambridge, Mass 02141. (617) 876-0900. Fax (617) 876-0391.

Summary: On Location finds files quickly on any disk within Mac network. STATUSMac inventories all the software and hardware in the network. Both are immediately practical utilities for Macintosh network administrators. Meeting Maker extends personal scheduling to the group, and so can automatically find the free meeting times within all suggested users' schedules.

Instant Update offers a master document to all users on the network, then keeps track of who suggested which changes. These programs could be quite useful for collaboration, though both will require commitment (to keeping accurate schedules for Meeting Maker) and learning (for Instant Update, to handle feedback on the computer screen).

Here's how the products rate:

On Location

Performance: 4, ease of use: 3, value: 3


Performance: 4, ease of use: 3, value: 4


Performance: 3, ease of use: 2, value: 2 computers


Performance: 3, ease of use: 2, value: 2

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