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Storm remnants won't affect Maryland much


The fury of Hurricane Andrew will be whittled to a whimper by the time the remnants of the storm reach Maryland.

In fact, the only evidence of the Hurricane Andrew likely to occur here are possible heavy downpours Wednesday or Thursday, TTC said Bill Miller, a forecaster for the National Weather Service at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

"As of today, it appears Andrew will veer out into the Gulf of Mexico after it hits the land mass of Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi," Mr. Miller said.

Even if the storm were to suddenly veer up the East Coast, its punch would be weakened considerably by land.

Mr. Miller said the tides along Maryland's Atlantic coastline will be normal.

The most recent storm that had significant impact on Maryland was Tropical Storm Agnes, which battered the area in 1972.

More than 14 inches of rain fell in three days during that storm, which caused extensive flooding.

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