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From The Sun Aug. 23-29, 1842AUG. 23:...


From The Sun Aug. 23-29, 1842

AUG. 23: We have heard several complaints of the herd of boys and young men who assemble in the neighborhood of Howard and Pratt and Howard and Camden Streets. They are in the practice of stealing fruit in the most barefaced and impudent manner from the wagons as they pass by.

AUG. 25: Mr. George L. Smith, a day or two ago, shot an immense owl in Baltimore County. It measured from the extremity of one wing to that of the other, four feet and a half.

From The Sun Aug. 23-29, 1892

AUG. 26: "St. Mark's on the Hill," the rustic centre for church-going Protestant Episcopals of the picturesque country near Pikesville and Sudbrook Park, has been the object this season for which a number of pretty entertainments have been given by ladies who are numbered among active members.

AUG. 28: Protests were received at the Mayor's office yesterday against permission being granted for the erection of swings and flying-horses at the corner of Hull and Cuba Streets.

From The Sun Aug. 23-29, 1942

AUG. 24: If you should hear the current rumor that Ocean City is practically a ghost town this year, don't believe it. The seashore playground, which appeared fated for a dismal season earlier in the summer, is now riding a wave of prosperity.

AUG. 25: Blanchard Randall Sr., business and civic leader whose eighty-five years spanned the old and the new in Baltimore, died quietly in his sleep yesterday in his home at 208 Kemble Road, Guilford.

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