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Designated drivers get tangible rewardsFrom: Kimberly Schaffel,...


Designated drivers get tangible rewards

From: Kimberly Schaffel, Coordinator,

Harford County Designated Driver Program

Bel Air

On August 11, the variety of establishments attended a workshop presented by all five of Harford County's Police

Departments, the Harford County Highway Safety Committee, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving on the implementation of the Harford County Designated Driver Program, "The Designated Driver is the Life of the Party," and the responsible service of alcohol.

The workshop and materials were presented free of charge to attendees by MADD.

A designated driver is the person in a group of two or more who is honored with free soft drinks because he or she chooses to remain sober in order to provide a safe ride home for the group.

The Harford County program is unique because the designated driver leaves with a tangible reward for those efforts.

McDonald's, AAA-Mid Atlantic, Video Tonight, Bogie Land, Fair Lanes-Edgewood, Chesapeake Fitness Center, Dell's Pharmacy, the Greenery Florists, and Campus Hills Food Mart & Car Wash are offering free gifts to those heroes.

In order to cash in on these rewards, tell the server or bartender at Silver Palace, Von Jensen's, Colonel's Choice, Eagle's Nest, Toscani's Carry Out or the V. F. W. in Street that you wish to be the Designated Driver. You'll get a pin or bracelet to wear and free soft drinks.

At the end of your visit, get your token and take it to any one of the sponsors for your free gift.

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